Senior Dog Food with Glucosamine

The senior dog food may be different from the food younger dogs get, as senior dogs are very likely to be affected by a health condition. Glucosamine supplements are recommended for older dogs that have joint problems. The supplements may be included in numerous senior dog diets.

Senior Dog Food

The senior dog food may be the same as the food for younger dogs provided the dog is in good health. However, many dogs are experiencing health problems that are specific for the old age and some dietary adjustments should be made to help the digestion of the dog.

The senior dog food may be liquid, which is more recommended for dogs with a kidney disease and dogs that have dental problems. There may be additional supplements in the food, which will provide the dog with the necessary ingredients to be able to fight diseases and have a strong immune system.

Senior Dog Food with Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a supplement that may be added to the senior dog food, but it is only needed by dogs that have joint problems. Joint problems or arthritis are very common in dogs over the age of 7.

The glucosamine is a substance that is actively produced in the dog’s body and is a main compound of the bones and cartilages. However, the production of glucosamine is reduced as the dog gets older and this may result in painful and swollen joints.

Supplementing the glucosamine or getting a diet that contains glucosamine can reduce the dog’s discomfort.

Glucosamine Overdose

Glucosamine may have benefic effects for the dog, but when consumed in doses that are higher than the dog’s needs, there may be several side effects such as unusual bone growth.

It is important to consult the vet when getting a dog food with glucosamine. There are a few types of senior dog foods with glucosamine supplements in various amounts and you will need to get the food that meets the dog’s glucosamine requirements.

You may also prepare the food and add glucosamine powder at home, so that you know how much glucosamine your dog gets on a daily basis.

Vets will also recommend only short cures of glucosamine diet, no longer than 6 months at a time, which can be followed by a glucosamine free diet for at least 1 month.

Other Supplements for Senior Dogs

In addition to glucosamine, a senior dog may benefit of other supplements as well, including:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids, which boost the immune system function, making the body more resistant to infections
  • Antioxidants, which will reduce the free radicals that are believed to be a cause of cancer
  • Other vitamins and minerals, as recommended by the vet.

If the dog has joint problems, the vet will also recommend weight loss. This will mean that the dog’s diet should be poor in calories and the dog should also get some exercise, but only types of exercise that won’t affect the joints.