Signs Your Cat Is In Heat

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will display signs that she is in heat (a phenomenon also known as oestrus). A cat in heat has an obvious behavior. The first oestrus of a female cat occurs between the age of 4 and 10 months. Your cat will be in heat for 7 to 10 days.

Signs of a Cat in Heat

  • Vocal Signals - Your cat starts signaling her availability by loud calls. You will hear these calls especially during the night.
  • Unusual Affection - This sign occurs when your cat is about to be in heat. She will ask for affection, will rub herself against your legs, toys or furniture.
  • Mating Position - When your cat is in heat, you will notice her exercising the mating position with her tail raised, front legs bent.
  • Excessive Licking of Genital Area - While in heat, your cat will lick her genital area more than usual.
  • Spraying - Typical to male cats, the spraying is also used by female cats in heat. If your cat suddenly starts spraying, this means she is letting the other cats know she is available.
  • Going Out - Your cat will go outside more than usual.