Is Silica Cat Litter Toxic?

Crystalline silica cat litter is one of the newest types of absorbent litter on the market. It works by absorbing your cats urine and "drying" it eliminating the smell and keeping the litter dry. This type of litter is quite popular due to it's ease of use. However, some health concerns exist.

Silica Cat Litter Concerns

Silica dust contains silica particles and is a known human carcinogen according to the International Agency on Cancer. Breathing in this silica dust may pose a health risk to you and your cat.

Prolonged exposure to crystalline silica dust has been associated with silicosis (a non-cancerous, sometimes fatal lung disease), bronchitis and tuberculosis in humans.

In cats, inhaling the silica dust can cause respiratory infections. If your cat ingests the silica while cleaning its paws, the silica may accumulate in your cat's intestines over a period of time causing health problems. When ingested, the litter will expand and absorb moisture in the intestines preventing the absorption of nutrients as well as cause dehydration and blockages.