Skin Tags on Dogs' Eyes

Skin tags on dogs are basically not a reason for concern. Although the causes of skin tags are not known, they are usually linked to immune system weakness and to allergens. Skin tags on dogs are not dangerous unless they are in the mouth area, where they can interfere with the swallowing or even develop into cancer. Skin tags can often be confused with a cancerous growth, so tests are needed.

How to Identify Skin Tags on Dogs

Skin tags are skin-colored growths on the dog's body. They are flat and can be tear-shaped. If touched, they dangle, unlike warts, which do not move. It is common for skin tags to appear simultaneously on different parts of the body. Skin tags can grow anywhere on the dog's body.

Daily grooming of your dog will help spot any skin disorder, including skin tags. Examine your dog's skin for any growths or lumps. Whenever you find a suspicious growth, it is better to consult your veterinarian.

Skin Tags on Dog's Eyelids

Skin tags can also develop on eyelids, where they seem to grow more quickly than in other parts of the body. Unless they bother the dog, there is no reason to have them removed.

Causes of Eye Skin Tags on Dogs

Although skin tags cannot be directly linked to any cause, veterinarians believe they might be related to hereditary causes, allergens or a general immune system weakness.

Danger of Skin Tags on Dogs

Skin tags are usually not harmful to the dog in any way, unless they become irritated. If the dog accidentally scratches or bites the skin tag or if it gets pinched, it can become painful or get infected and should be removed.

If the dog has skin tags around his mouth or on the lips or eyelids, these may cause discomfort. If they are large enough, the skin tags on the eyelids may even cause the eyes to close or partially close.

In rare cases, skin tags on the dog's body can become cancerous. This is signaled by the tag's changing appearance. Consult your vet immediately of you notice changes in the size and shape of skin tags.

Treatment of Eye Skin Tags in Dogs

Eye skin tags do not normally need treatment. However, if a skin tag is damaged or scratched, you should visit your veterinarian to have it removed. If the skin tag bothers the pet, it will have to be removed. The removal of a skin tag will be performed under anesthesia, especially if it is around the eye.

Skin tags on dogs can be treated in the home by tying a thread around the tag for a few days and waiting for it to fall off. However, it is not recommended that you try such a procedure, especially not around the dog's eyes. Have your veterinarian decide whether it is worth removing the skin tag, and have the surgery done at a vet clinic.