Steam Treatment for Kennel Cough in Dogs

Try a steam treatment for kennel cough to help your dog breathe easier. Kennel cough is an airborne bacterial disease that spreads rapidly among dogs in close confinement, such as a kennel, dog pound or doggy day care. The bacterial infection causes an inflammation of the upper respiratory system leading to a dry cough, runny nose and sneezing.

Understanding the Symptoms of Kennel Cough

Most cases of kennel cough in dogs lasts up to 10 days. The key symptom is a dry, hacking cough, similar to the cough a person gets with bronchitis. At times, the cough may be so severe that the dog gags or retches. Mucus may come up with the cough or the dog may end up throwing up his last meal because of the force of the cough. This is nothing to be worried about, but just make sure to increase the dog's water intake to keep him hydrated.

Because the trachea becomes irritated, the airways narrow making it harder for a dog to breathe. You can lessen this by making sure the dog drinks lots of water which helps keep mucus draining properly. Also consider steam baths as a treatment for kennel cough.

The Most Common Treatments for Kennel Cough

Once your pet has seen the veterinarian, you'll probably be given antibiotics as a treatment for kennel cough because the medication helps kill the bacteria responsible. Cough suppressants are also urged to keep the coughing to a minimum to help lessen the spread of the bacteria to other pets and children. Cats, rabbits and children can contract kennel cough so keeping your dog quarantined and well rested is important.

Keep your dog in a warm, draft-free room away from traffic and noise. Rid the roof of dust. Avoid rooms heated by wood because smoke will increase irritation of the airways. The more your dog is able to sleep, the faster he'll get over the disease.

Leave fresh water out for your dog and make sure he is drinking and eating. Add some fresh fruit to your dog's diet to boost vitamin C intake. If your dog likes fruit juice, feel free to let him lap up some orange juice or add lemon juice to his drinking water. Most dogs recover from kennel cough, but there is an increased risk of developing pneumonia.

Steam Treatment for Kennel Cough

Increasing numbers of pet owners are using a steam treatment for kennel cough. Place you pet in a small room and fill a vaporizer with warm water. You can also turn on the shower as hot as possible, fill the room with steam and place your dog in that room for about half an hour. Do this three times a day. The steam helps loosen mucus from the nasal cavity and bronchial tubes aiding with air intake.

To save money on hot water heating costs and electricity usage, you can even take the dog with you during your morning or evening shower. Go about your shower routine as normal and the steam will help relieve him of his congestion while you get ready to start your day.