How To Stop Your Cat From Biting Her Cast

A cat cast is an unusual situation for your pet. The cat can wake up with a cast post-surgery if she has broken limbs. The stress of any of these medical conditions is high enough. The cast is an additional stress - so the cat is more likely to bite it. After a few days of wearing the cast, the covered area will be itchy, so the cat will tend to chew and bite the cast.

Bitter Apple Juice or Vinegar

To stop your cat from biting the cast, sprinkle some drops of bitter apple juice or vinegar on the surface of it. The cat doesn't like the smell and the taste of these, so she might stay away from the cast.

Distracting the Cat

If you notice that your cat is chewing her cast, try distracting her with a chew toy.

Elizabethan Collar

If the cat biting the cast becomes a problem and cannot be solved with other techniques, the vet will place an Elizabethan collar around the cat's neck. This is a plastic, cone-shaped shade that will make it impossible for the cat to reach her cast. The collar may be removed for grooming and baths.