Supplements for Cat Urinary Tract Health

Offering supplements for cat urinary tract health helps you prevent problems before they become costly. Hospitalization for a cat with a bladder or kidney infection as a result or urinary tract infections quickly soars in cost. An infection leads to blood toxicity in little time if you miss the warning signs.

Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection in a Cat

The biggest sign is frequent trips to the litter box where the cat strains to urinate. If any urine is passed, it is pinkish because of the blood. Carefully monitor your cat to see if he is eating and drinking. Dehydration is a risk because the cat's bladder feels full and urinating brings little relief, so he withholds drinking more.

Immediate treatment with cat urinary tract health supplements keeps your cat's UTI from developing into a more serious bladder or kidney infection. Using them regularly, along with a healthy diet, will help prevent UTI's from even occurring.

Preventing Cat Urinary Tract Health Problems

A quality diet will help keep UTIs from occurring. Offer fresh, filtered water throughout the day. If your cat is fussy about drinking water, try a Drinkwell Fountain that keeps the water flowing, most cats will readily drink flowing water.

Offer canned food as much as possible. Canned food is much higher in water content and that helps keep the kidney's flushed out.

Many dry foods add cranberry extract. Look for these foods. Natural Balance and Wellness are two possible brands. Bacteria cannot survive in acidic urine, so boosting the acid levels in the cat's urine will help alleviate or prevent urinary tract problems.

Choose foods that offer pure protein sources, not by-products. Avoid foods with corn and wheat gluten because they increase the risk of UTIs.

What to Look for in a Cat Urinary Tract Health Supplement

Cranberry is one of the best ingredients for any cat urinary tract health supplement. Cranberry is known to help boost the acidity of urine. Higher acid in urine keeps toxins to a minimum and flushes impurities, including the bacteria that cling to the bladder wall, out.

Corn silk and Marshmallow Root are two herbs used frequently by holistic healers to prevent bladder and kidney stones. They keep excess calcium and minerals from combining in the urine causing blockages.

Couch grass root is a European grass that Ancient Romans and Greeks used to treat many ailments. The grass has diuretic properties flushing away toxins quickly. Butcher's Broom works the same way. For this reason, many UTI remedies add Couch grass root and Butcher's Broom to their supplement formulas.

Strong diuretic and healing properties make horsetail a common ingredient in cat urinary tract health supplements. Horsetail comes from a plant and is proven effective in treating UTI's when caught early.

Parsley offers components that help fight fungal infections. Many cat health supplements include parsley for that reason. Both parsley and Uva Ursi offer diuretic properties that help boost the production of urine within the kidneys. By urinating more, harmful bacteria is flushed out. In addition, parsley is helpful at reducing a cat's fishy breath odor.