Supplements for Cat Dry Skin Treatment

Cat dry skin may be caused by a number of factors including allergies, hormonal imbalance or a poor diet and can cause a lot of discomfort including itchiness. The cat will scratch his skin and this may lead to secondary infections. If the condition is not caused by internal problems, the dry skin can be treated with a change in the diet and some supplements.

Dry Skin Causes in Felines

The dry skin can be caused by an internal problem but it may also be caused by an external factor such as an irritant. The most common causes of dog dry skin include:

  • Lack of necessary liquids in diet or dehydration
  • Irritation or allergies (food, inhalant or contact allergies)
  • A diet deficient in fats
  • Internal or external parasites (roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms or fleas)
  • Viral, bacterial or fungal skin infection
  • Hormonal problems (hypothyroidism)

Supplements for Feline Dry Skin

The cat’s diet influences the health and the appearance of the skin. A diet that contains all the essential nutrients as well as the necessary vitamins and minerals will give a healthy skin.

Cats with dry skin should get a diet change; in addition some supplements such as fatty acids and antioxidants are highly recommended.

Fatty Acids

The skin’s pH will get more balanced with omega 3 and 9 fatty acids. The commercial cat food may contain a lot of omega 6 fatty acids, but the omega 6 and 9 typically lack from these foods.

Get gel caps of omega 3 and 9 supplements; alternatively you can add some fish oil or flaxseed oil to your pet’s food.


The antioxidants are meant to cleanse the cat’s body and prevent irritation and allergies. Cats require vitamin A and E for a healthy skin.

Cats with damaged skin will require supplements of bioflavonoids (i..e gingko biloba, coenzyme Q 10 or quercetin), which can repair damaged skin cells. These compounds may be found in grape seeds as well.

Echinacea herb extracts may also help improving conditions such as dry skin. These extracts will support the immune system and a stronger immune system is more likely to be resistant to different allergens, consequently preserving the skin healthy.

Alternative Remedies for Cat Dry Skin

The cat’s skin may also be dry due to the lack of sufficient water and liquids. Make sure that your pet has always a bowl of fresh water available and you may also consider switching to wet food or giving your cat wet food at least once per week.

Moisturizing lotions and the use of a suitable shampoo are also important in keeping your cat’s skin healthy. The moisturizing lotions should be applied on a regular basis, especially when there are windy conditions outside. The shampoos you choose should be hypoallergenic and should contain fewer chemicals and more natural extracts. Shampoos with oat extracts are beneficial for cats with dry skin.

Don’t bathe your cat too often, as this may cause dry skin.

Supplements should be given to cats with dry skin, no matter what causes this condition. Cats that are not affected by internal problems may be treated with supplements only; if the dry skin has internal causes these must be detected and treated as well.