How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

How to tell if your cat is pregnant can be very difficult to determine. Even veterinarians can have difficulty determining whether or not a female cat is carrying kittens. Cats tend to be very secretive and it takes a little detective work to know for sure if what you are seeing is pregnant cat signs.

Step 1 - Know the Sex of Your Cat

It is important that you know the sex of your cat for certain. It may sound silly, but determining the sex of a cat is difficult even for veterinarians. If you cat is female and has not been spade then your cat could be pregnant with a litter of kittens.

Step 2 - Look for Cat Pregnancy Signs

Signs that your cat is pregnant includes enlargement of the cat's nipples. A few weeks into cat pregnancy your cat's nipples will become much larger. This is because your cat is preparing for the birth of her kittens and she will need to nurse them once they are born.

Step 3 - Physically Inspect Your Cat's Abdomen

Your cat's abdomen will become larger as her pregnancy progresses. You will begin to visually notice an enlarged gut that hangs lower to the ground. If you notice an enlarged abdomen then it is important also physically inspect your cat's abdomen. At that point you should run your hand over your cat's abdomen and feel for swelling or lumps that are just smaller than golf balls. Don't put pressure on the lumps if you feel them.

Step 4 - Look for Signs of Personality Change

With feline pregnancy, most cats become much more affectionate. Even cats that are usually standoffish or aggressive will become friendly and pleasant during their pregnancy.

Step 5 - Determine if Your Cat has just Gained Weight

Even cats that are overweight can become pregnant. Usually though, pregnant cats only gain weight in their abdomen. If you cat is gaining weight all over, including in their neck and legs, then your cat may just need to go on a diet. If the weight gain seems localized only to the abdomen it is likely that your cat is pregnant.

Step 6 - Watch for Signs of Nesting Behavior

Like humans and other animals, pregnant cats will exhibit nesting behavior when they are close to giving birth to their kittens. Pregnant cats will usually find a dark and quiet location to give birth to their kittens. They will also look for materials to build a nest with, such as towels, blankets, straw or any other types of soft materials that will fit into her secure nesting site.

Of course the ultimate sign of cat pregnancy is the birth of kittens, but determining if your cat is pregnant early into the pregnancy can help you ensure your cat and her babies make it through the birth safely. Providing proper food and a safe environment for the soon to be kittens is important, so knowing they are coming in advance will help you help you cat.