The 4 Best Vitamin Supplements for Cats

Nutrition supplements for cats help promote an overall healthy pet. Everything related to your cat's health can be helped by ensuring that his diet is well balanced and contains all of the vitamins and minerals he needs.

The Best Supplement

Simply put, the best supplement is probably going to be the one prescribed or recommended by your vet. A few simple tests can tell your vet what vitamins and minerals are missing from your cat's diet, and he can prescribe the exact combination your cat needs.

The Best Diet

Your cat needs a well balanced diet that ensures he gets all of the various nutrients his body requires. Cats are unable to synthesize some of the B vitamins and vitamin A from plant sources. They also need certain amino acids that can only be found in meat. Your cat's diet needs to consist of meat for this reason. Canine and vegetarian diets are not good for your cat.

1. FaVor by Pfizer

The FaVor supplement is a well balanced supplement that contains all of the vitamins and minerals in a balanced and easy to swallow tablet form. FaVor contains protein, fats and fiber to aid in the production of energy and the metabolization of the other nutrients. FaVor also contains taurine, a vital amino acid that is only available naturally in meats.

2. Missing Link Feline Formula

Your cat's normal diet of heavily processed foods robs him of many of the nutrients he needs. Certain amino acids are only available in animal products. Cats can only synthesize beta carotene from animal sources, as well as vitamin E. The Missing Link Feline Formula is a supplement that bridges the gap between what your cat gets and what he needs. Feline Formula has nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids and omega-6, along with other nutrients.

3. Dinovite Feline Liquid

This well balanced feline supplement is probably the easiest to get your cat to take. Pour your cat's food in her bowl, mix in a little of the paste and let your cat eat her dinner. It's that easy. High in crude proteins, fats and fiber and containing recommended allowances of vitamins A and E, along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this formula has everything your cat needs for a healthy coat, digestive system and immune system.

4. Nupro Dietary Supplement Health Nuggets

These nuggets are a tasty treat your cat is going to love. It's a complete nutritional balance of vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, which are normally missing from the diet of most house cats. Omega fatty acids come from flaxseed. Desiccated liver delivers iron and missing B vitamins. Garlic promotes heart and immune system health.

Disclaimer for Feline Nutritional Supplements

Before starting your cat on any nutritional supplement, you should first take your cat to the vet and determine her needs. Excesses of certain vitamin groups can actually be unhealthy for your cat, so you really need to know exactly what nutrients her diet is lacking.

The diet of most house cats is seriously lacking in certain vitamin and nutrient groups. Nutritional supplements for cats are there to help your pet get what she needs.