The Advantages of Using a Cats Water Fountain

A cat's water fountain is a great way to ensure that your cat always has clean and healthy drinking water available, without having to leave a tap or faucet running.

About Cat Water Fountains

A cat water fountain is a container for water, such as a bowl that has a water source with a valve to control the flow of water into the container. Once connected to the water source, there is a valve that is controlled by a float to monitor the water level in the container. When the water rises to a specific level, the float will rise and shut off the flow of water. When the level goes down enough to require refilling, the valve will open and the water will enter the bowl until the preset level is reached. Most cat water fountains allow you to set the water level yourself. 

Health Benefits of Using a Cats' Water Fountain

Clean water is healthy water. Water that sits for extended periods of time, such as in large bowls, can have bacteria and fungus growing in it. The contaminants can be dangerous for your cat's health. Having a bowl that refills itself ensures that your cat constantly has clean, fresh water to drink and that you don't have to refill a bowl all the time. The novelty of the fountain may also cause your cat to drink more water, which will benefit her renal health greatly. Sufficient hydration will ensure that your cat has a healthy coat and gums, and can help to prevent constipation. Cats that have water that is fresh will also drink more by choice. Since cats enjoy being able to see while drinking and don't like their whiskers interfered with while drinking, most cats' water fountains have big and wide bowls that are comfortable for them.

Cats' Water Fountain Styles

Cat water fountains are available as small electric appliances or simple float valve controls. The basic principle of both is that water will flow as long as it is below a certain level. The only difference between the two types of valve control is the fact one uses electric power and the other doesn't. Some of the electric versions actually have a small fountain feeding into a bowl that recycles and filters the water. There are others in which the center is a raised bubbling fountain, and the bowl allows 360-degree total access to the water. This feature is great for households with a few cats. The very basic cat water fountains just have a water connection and a float valve housed in a covered portion of the fountain. There are even some electrically controlled water fountains with switches that your cat must step on to initiate the flow of clean water into the bowl.

Cats' water fountains are an easy and effective way to ensure that your cat has a healthy and clean source of fresh water, with a minimum of intervention from you. There are a number of styles and designs of cat water fountains to suit your needs and individual tastes.