Tick Removal Tool Comparison

A tick removal tool ensures proper removal of a tick. Ticks must safely removed so that the head does not remain embedded in the skin. Harming the tick will cause it to regurgitate into the skin and this is likely to cause infection. The tick must be removed without harming it. Doing this can be difficult for someone inexperienced in tick removal.

Learn more about the different tick tools on the market. Discover which tick removal tool is most effective and which simply are a waste of money.

The Tick Key

The Tick Key is a small gadget that fits right on your key chain. It's crafted from aluminum and is oval in shape but has a light bulb shaped end that is notched to capture the tick's body. Simply slide it around the tick's body and pull along the skin slowly while the tick detaches.

Having the Tick Key easily attach to your key chain is handy. It's also effective at removing small ticks because of the side of the notch. Being aluminum, the key can bend if you put too much pressure on it.

Tick Nippers

Tick Nippers are newer tick removal tools. They have a built in magnifying lens to help you see the tick you need to remove. Nipper jaws slide under the tick's body and then you gently squeeze the handles. The handles are designed to close around the tick without damaging it. Gently lift the nippers and the tick comes right out.

The magnifying lens is small and low quality, so don't expect a clear image. However, it does do okay enlarging tiny deer ticks.

Tick Twister Pro

The Tick Twister Pro is sold in many chain pet supply stores. To use the tick removal tool, you slide the V-shaped notch around the tick's body, twist the tool to the left or right and lift up. The tool is highly recommended by veterinarians and sold in many vet offices.

The only downfall to the Tick Twister Pro is that if the tick is not engorged, it is harder to remove the tick. The Tick Twister Pro still works, but it's harder to fit the notch over the small tick.

Ticked Off

Ticked Off is one of the first tick removal tools on the market. It looks like a plastic teaspoon with a small V-shaped notch in the spoon. Slide this V-notch around the tick and gently scoop the tick out.

The notch works best if the tick is engorged. Very small ticks slip right through the notch.

Tweezers as a Tick Removal Tool

Tweezers are usually found in every first aid kit and are therefore preferred as a tick removal tool. While tweezers work, there is a high risk of crushing the tick. If this happens it is likely that the head will remain under the skin.

If you do prefer to use blunt tweezers, consider aiding tick removal by using a liquid product that causes the tick to back out. Tick Release is a liquid drop that ticks dislike. They will back out of the skin and then you simply need to remove the tick with tweezers.