Five Tips for Relaxing Your Dog Before Traveling

Traveling can be stressful for your dog. Here are some tips to help you relax your dog before a trip.

1) Know What's Going On With Your Dog

You, as the owner, have one of the best understandings of how your dog is feeling. Pay attention to him, and soon you'll learn to tell how he's feeling. The best way to keep nervous feelings in check is to nip them in the bud as soon as signs of anxiety appear.

2) Remain Calm Yourself

Your dog senses your emotions and may begin to feel anxious just because you do. If you're stressed about travel, your dog will be stressed too.

3) Exercise Your Dog

Take some time to exercise your dog as you prepare for a trip. Exercise helps relieve stress; some good exercises you can do include:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Playing an active outdoor game

4) Massage Your Dog

A gentle massage can help your dog relax. Keep these things in mind:

  • Use long, firm, head-to-tail strokes
  • Keep your touch slow and deliberate
  • Work first on the back, then move to the sides, chest, sides and neck

5) Offer Treats and Praise

Both of these help take your dog's mind off the stressful situation.