Tips for Flying with Dogs

When you're traveling with dogs, it's important to keep in mind that your pet will need some special attention to make sure that he's safe and comfortable. Dogs can safely travel in many different ways, but flying is likely to be one of the more difficult. This is owing in most part to the extra protocol that you'll have to go through with the airlines and at airports to ensure that you and your dog are able to board the plane together. If you're planning to fly with dogs, follow these tips to ensure that your travel experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Check with the Vet

It's important that you check in with a vet before you begin to fly with dogs. Taking your dog along with you on a trip may cause complications for one or more health conditions that your pet already suffers from. Your vet can provide you with more specific tips for your pet, as well as medicines to help keep your pet from becoming sick or having difficulties with motion sickness while traveling. This will not only make the experience of flying with your pet more comfortable for both you and the dog, but it will minimize the aftermath of the travel as well.

Buckle Up

Just as people need to be properly restrained in an airplane in order to make sure that they remain safe, so do dogs. Many airlines will stipulate that dogs must be kept in travel crates or other protective devices. Even if your airline does not require this, it's a good idea to pack a crate for your pet anyway, because this will be a good way of ensuring that your dog is safe while flying. Be sure to pack the crate with blankets or anything else that will help to make your pet comfortable.

Bring Tags

Just as you would put an identifying tag on your luggage, you should also put a tag on any piece of equipment or crate that you bring for your dog. Although your vet will likely have already encouraged you to put identifying tags on your pet's collar, it's absolutely essential that you have them whenever you travel. If you do happen to become separated from your dog, it's important that someone in the airport be able to connect with you to help you find him.

Keep Him Calm

Your dog will be much happier, and everyone else around you on the flight will be grateful, if you keep him calm throughout the flight. Giving him a toy to chew on can be a good way to keep him distracted on a short flight. Be sure to feed your pet and give him enough water, but also take the time before the flight to encourage him to evacuate so that the chances of his needing to do so will be reduced on the plane.