Training Collars for Aggressive Dogs

Training collars are useful for many types of dogs and can help to control problematic behaviors in pets. If you're working on training your pet and he's displaying signs of aggression, you may put yourself at risk of injury or attack if you continue to work with him. In order to protect yourself and to reduce your dog's aggressive behavior, it's a good idea to purchase a specialized training collar for him. Read on for a few of the best training collars for dogs that suffer from aggressive tendencies.

Choke Collars

One of the more popular types of training collars for dogs that are aggressive and on the larger side is the choke collar. This type of collar is not appropriate for smaller dogs, because it can cause them more serious health problems and injuries. For larger dogs, however, this collar will not cause a significant amount of pain; the idea is that it will startle your pet into stopping whatever it is that he's doing.

The choke collar works by cinching up around your pet's neck when you pull on it and he's pulling against it. The result is that the collar tightens slightly and that your pet has a difficult time breathing momentarily. This is usually enough to prompt your pet to calm down and to reduce the behavior that he's engaging in.

Pinch Collars

Pinch collars are also a good type of training collars for your pet if he tends to suffer from problems with aggression. These collars are also not designed for pets that are on the smaller side, so it's important that you be sure that you buy a pinch collar which is appropriately sized for your dog.

A pinch collar works in a similar way to a choke collar. They are designed to tighten slightly when you pull back on the leash which is connected to the collar, or when your dog pulls forward and away from you. Unlike a choke collar, however, a pinch collar features connected links that will tighten and cause a pinch on your pet's neck. This is usually enough to mildly discomfort him and to shock him into stopping his aggressive behavior.

Remote Shock Collars

The best choice among training collars for a pet that tends to get into a lot of trouble or has severe problems with aggression is the remote shock collar. This collar has the benefit of being activated from any location; you'll have a remote control which you can use to control the collar, meaning that you can discipline your dog from anywhere nearby, and as quickly as possible.

The shock collar is placed around your pet's neck and has a small battery pouch. Upon your activation of the collar (done by pressing a button on a remote) your dog will experience a mild shock designed to startle him and reduce his aggressive behavior.