Transitioning to a Natural Dog Food Diet

Transitioning to a natural dog food diet can dramatically improve your dog's skin, coat and overall health. Most commercial dog foods include meat byproducts and fillers, and chemical preservatives to prolong shelf life. With a natural food diet, your dog will eat food made from quality ingredients that are human consumable.

Nutrition Needs and Possible Allergies

When creating your own natural dog food formula, keep in mind that dogs are commonly allergic to corn, soy, wheat, dairy products, chicken eggs and beef. Because every dog (breed and size) is different, always consult your veterinarian to ensure all of your pet's nutritional needs are met by your homemade dog food.

Gradually Introduce The Natural Diet

The way you introduce new dog food is almost as important as its formulation. Whether your dog is a picky eater or not, it is good to transition slowly to any new food. This will help prevent digestive distress for your dog and help him get used to his new food.

The transition from the old to the new food should be done over a period of 2 weeks. Begin with mostly the old food with just a small amount of the new food. Gradually increase the amount of new food while proportionately reducing the old.