Treating Allergy Induced Asthma in Dogs

Dogs that have asthma that is caused by different particles in the air require that you go about treating allergy symptoms as you work to rid them of their disease. There are a number of different types of allergens that can result in your pet displaying the symptoms of allergic asthma. One of the most frustrating things about the entire situation, in many cases, is the fact that it can be extremely difficult to determine which types of allergens are leading to your pet's symptoms. With the help of your vet and a range of different medicines, however, you can accurately pinpoint the cause of the dog's asthma and reduce it appropriately.

Eliminating the Allergens

The first step toward eliminating allergens that cause allergy related asthma in pets is to determine exactly which ones are causing the reaction in the first place. In the case of asthma, it's likely that your pet is being affected by particles in the air that he is breathing in. These types of allergies are called atopic allergies, and can be notoriously difficult to pinpoint.

Work with your veterinarian to identify the fact that your dog has an atopic allergy first and foremost. Once you've determined that he is suffering from this type of allergic reaction, begin to work on allergen prevention techniques. These include using a dehumidifier in your room and an air purifier in the areas in which the pet will spend most of his time. You can also purchase hypo allergenic sheets, mattress covers and other fabrics for your pet to rest up against, as these will be less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Determining the Problem

If you and your vet still don't see any results from working to eliminate allergens in the air in general from your pet's way, you should work to determine exactly which allergens are causing the reaction in the first place. Doing sample tests with the help of your vet is a good way to isolate the particular allergens that cause his issues.


There are a number of different types of medicines and other drugs that you can provide for your dog that will help to reduce his allergy related asthma. Work to reduce your pet's overall allergic reaction by giving him a set dose of prescription antihistamines as recommended by your vet. Antihistamines fight the body's natural reaction to allergens by reducing inflammation, swelling and other common symptoms of allergies.

There are also specific drugs that are available to combat more particular allergies. In the case of asthma that is due to allergic reactions, your vet may recommend giving your dog a set of drugs that will help to open up his nasal passageways and allow him to continue breathing properly while he's moving around. The exact types of medicines that will work best are dependent upon your pet's specific condition and will vary from case to case.

Ask your veterinarian for additional information about how to best help treat your pet's allergy related asthma. Most of the medicines mentioned in this article are available through prescription only.