Treating Canine Arthritis With Adequan

Nearly a quarter of all dogs will suffer from canine arthritis at some point in their lives. Canine arthritis pain can affect joints and bones all over the body and make it difficult for your pet to be active and energetic. There are a number of canine arthritis treatment options available, the most promising of which is a drug called Adequan.

Canine Arthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes inflammation and irritation in the joints. Over time, the connective tissue in these joints can be weakened, causing lasting damage to mobility and chronic pain. Your dog's arthritis symptoms may be subtle or obvious, depending on the severity and progression of his condition. Be aware of the following symptoms:

* Difficulty getting up or sitting down, or difficulty climbing stairs * General lethargy * Stiff legs, particularly in cold weather * Limping * Decreased energy levels, reluctance to run or play * Biting or other signs of stress

Treatment for Canine Arthritis

If you suspect that your dog may have canine arthritis, have him examined by a vet immediately. Acting quickly to slow the progression of the disease is critical in preserving your dog's mobility and quality of life.

Your vet may recommend a change of diet or a regimen of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce the effects of canine arthritis. While each of these treatment plans can be effective, there are nevertheless some downsides to treating your dog's condition with NSAIDs. NSAIDs reduce the pain associated with arthritis, but do not effectively halt the progression of the disease or help to improve joint quality. Additionally, many NSAIDs have potentially dangerous side effects.

Adequan is a relatively new drug that is medicinally similar to the arthritis supplement glucosamine. In addition to easing joint pain, Adequan helps to promote new connective tissue growth in your dog's joints, effectively reversing the degeneration caused by canine arthritis.

Adequan has minimal adverse effects. It may affect your dog's digestive tract or lower your dog's appetite, and it rarely affects a dog's platelet count in a negative way. However, Adequan is costly compared with alternative treatment plans.

If your dog has arthritis, consider speaking with your veterinarian about treating your pet with Adequan. As Adequan is a prescription drug, you will have to receive an order for the drug from a veterinarian.

As with all arthritis medicines, it is very important to speak with your vet about proper dosages, administering of the drug, and dosing schedules. These will vary for each dog based upon his age, sex, condition, and breed. Follow your veterinarian's orders as closely as possible when treating your dog with Adequan. Particularly, the interval between doses is critical in an Adequan regimen.

If your dog suffers from canine arthritis, speak with your veterinarian about treatment options. Adequan may be an excellent choice for your pet, depending upon his condition. In any case, ensure that you treat your dog's arthritis promptly to help him to enjoy a happy and healthy life.