Treating Common Dog Injuries

It's important that every dog owner has some knowledge of dog injuries, which are common. Being active animals, dogs can sometimes injure themselves during play or by interacting with household products. Some injuries can be minor, while others are very serious, sometimes requiring surgery.

Dog Leg Injuries

Sometimes a dog can injure himself by running or jumping and landing incorrectly. The injury can be a minor sprain or strain that will heal with the proper rest and use of inflammatory or painkilling medication. Sometimes the acquired limp is actually an indication of a more serious condition or disease, such as bone cancer. If a dog limps longer than a couple of days or if the limp comes and goes, it's important to visit a veterinarian to determine the real cause of the limp.

Paw Injuries

Sometimes a paw can be injured through play. Rest and medication should heal the injury in time. However, it's possible that an insect bite or foreign object has injured the paw. Inspection of the toes and footpads will determine the cause of the injury. If there is redness and swelling, a visit to the vet is necessary to stop any infection.

Dog Tail Injuries

Sometimes a dog can get his tail caught in a door, fence or other object and injure it. Any traumatic injury should be inspected by a veterinarian to ensure that the injury heals and doesn't worsen. Any pus indicates an infection and needs to be drained by a qualified professional. Any fluids emitting from the tail area, especially at the tail base, can be an indication of an internal medical condition that should be examined further by a vet.

Dog Spinal Injuries

A dog spinal injury can occur during the course of a traumatic event, such as a car accident or fall. It's important not to move the dog abruptly or until the severity of the injury is ascertained. Moving an animal with a spinal cord injury can render greater injury and even paralysis. The body must be moved as one unit. Securing the body using a brace mechanism (such as boards) will stabilize the spine enough for transportation to the emergency veterinarian.

Pet Injuries

It is important to remain calm with any pet injury for two reasons:

  • Staying calm will enable you to think clearly.
  • taying calm will assure your dog that you are taking care of things and not to panic. An excited dog owner or dog can worsen the injury.
  • Maintain a first aid kit containing bandages and antiseptics. If there is any bleeding, try to stop the bleeding with hand pressure and a clean towel. If there are any broken bones, immobilize them by using a makeshift splint (wood, cardboard, sling) or by wrapping the limb with a towel or blanket against the dog's body, which can then act as a splint. Do not wrap the limb too tightly. Being calm is most important.