Treating Giardia in Cats with Panacur

Treating giardia in cats with panacur is a safe and effective resolution. Giardia is a one celled organism called protoza that are located in the small intestines. There are two stages of giardia, the motile stage and the cystic stage. Once your cat ingests the giardia cyst it migrates into the small intestines. In the small intestines the cyst opens and releases a motile or swimming form.

This form moves around by whipping back and forth eventually attaching themselves to the walls of the intestines and dividing into two. After reproducing many times they develop a wall around themselves and are then passed into the feces. Your cat can become infected with giardia at this time. Giardia can also be found in streams and ponds.

Diagnosing of Giardia

Your cat can be infected with giardia and show no symptoms. Symptoms of giardia are weight loss, lethargy and diarrhea, which could be bloody or contain mucous. Giardia symptoms are similar to other diseases and can only be ruled out by a veterinarian. To diagnose giardia, a stool sample is needed. When a fecal test is examined, the veterinarian is looking for giardia cyst that are passed in the feces. This is done with a fecal smear that is examined under a microscope.

A stain may be necessary in order to see the cyst more clearly. The active form of giardia is pear shaped and have tails. This form has been found in fecal exams but is rare. It can be difficult to diagnose giardia because the protozoa are very small and are not passed in every stool. Multiple fecal exams may be necessary for positive identification.

Treating Giardia with Panacur

Panacur, or Fenbendazole, has been an effective way of treating giardia. Panacur is in a class of drugs called anthelmintics and is used in the removal of a variety of gastrointestinal parasites from the stomach and intestines. Not only is it used for giardia but panacur can be used in the removal of hookworm, roundworm, whipworms, and certain types of tapeworm. Although not approved by the FDA for the use on cats, studies show that panacur is a safe drug.

Panacur is safe for pregnant cats and can prevent giardia from spreading to the kittens. A second dose should be administered after the kittens are born. Panacur comes in three forms, oral suspension, granule, and paste form. Oral suspension is most commonly used. Listen carefully to the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. Panacur is not a one time dose. Duration depends on the parasites that are being treated and the severity of the problem. Panacur is usually given in three doses. It is important to finish out the prescription for the complete removal of giardia.

Side Effects of Panacur

Although rare, side effects of panacur are diarrhea and vomiting after administration. Studies show that panacur has caused liver tumors in laboratory rats. This drug is not to be used if your cat is allergic to fenbendazole. Seek medical treatment immediately if reaction occurs.