Natural Treatments for Dog Skin Problems

Dog skin problems manifest as dry, flaky or itchy skin, a dull coat and odor. There may be underlying health problems: dogs who suffer from yeast overgrowth or malnutrition can have skin problems. Dog allergies, too, can result in itchy, inflamed skin and hair loss.

How To Improve Your Dog's Skin

  • Feed the highest quality diet possible. Commercial dog foods often contain fillers, additives and allergenic ingredients like corn, wheat and soy. Read labels carefully and choose a brand that lists a named meat as its primary ingredients.
  • Provide an Essential Fatty Acid or EFA supplement. These supplements contain omega-3 and -6 oils to promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Add a probiotic. Probiotics balance the good bacteria in your dog's intestinal tract. This improves digestion and makes food more bioavailable to your dog. She'll get more nutrition out of every meal.
  • Groom regularly. A thorough, deep brushing stimulates the skin and removes dead hair and skin.