Types of Illnesses a Gastroenterologist Treats

Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that handles problems of the digestive system. A gastroenterologist will treat illnesses that are related to the digestive system, which starts from the mouth and continues till the rectum.

The types of illnesses a gastroenterologist treats will include:

  • Stomach problems (ulcers, tumors, upset stomach, enterocolitis, stomach tumors)
  • Intestinal  and digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, tumors, cysts or polyps located in the intestines)

The hepatology is a sub branch of gastroenterology and deals with the health of the liver, pancreas and the biliary tract. Some gastroenterologists specialize in hepatology and will treat diseases such as hepatitis or pancreatitis or the inflammation of the pancreas, pancreatic tumors or cysts, cirrhosis or gall stones.

Gastroenterologists will not deal with gastroenterological surgery, as this is the job of general surgeons.

To be fully qualified, a gastroenterologist requires the completion of 8 years of pre medical and medical studies.