Features of Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Products

If your dog has been displaying issues of behavioral problems, such as excessive barking, chances are you have considered purchasing an ultrasonic bark control collar. A pet safe ultrasonic bark control collar, also known as a bark deterrent, may be able to help solve your problem. Before purchasing a bark collar, you need to understand how they work, what they can offer you and what effect they will have on your dog.

What Is An Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent?

An ultrasonic bark deterrent collar is used to discourage inappropriate barking from your dog. The collar is a battery-powered unit containing a transmitter. When your dog barks, the transmitter is activated to give off an ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. When the collar senses the vibration of a bark, the sound transmitter is activated. The sound is a very high-pitched emission similar to that of a smoke alarm. However, it is a very displeasing sound for dogs.

Sound Control Adjustments

Most bark collars work on a sound range of 1 to 10. 10 is typically the highest sound rating available on a bark collar. You can set the bark collar to a preferred level and try it out on your dog. Depending upon how sensitive your dog is to the sound, a low sound rating may be sufficient. However, some dogs are not as easily deterred and may require a higher sound rating to achieve the desired command. With sound control adjustments, you can find the sound rating that is best suited to controlling your dog's barking habits.    

Waterproof Deterrents

Most bark deterrent collars are made to be water-resistant. Because dogs like to get out and run through a sprinkler or take a dive in a local pond, having a waterproof collar can help protect your investment.

Battery Indications

Many ultrasonic bark control collars have LED battery indicating lights on them. The lights will tell you if the battery on the collar is at full charge or if it is running low. The worst way to find out that the battery isn't working is to have to listen to the non-stop barking of your dog. However, battery indication lights can help you prevent an outburst of barking by letting you know when the battery needs to be charged.

How Will An Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Help My Dog?

While it is important to note that some dogs become accustomed to the sounds of their bark collars, most dogs cannot tolerate the sound that it emits. An ultrasonic bark collar can help your dog to realize that when they bark, an irritating sound is given off. That sound helps them to realize that they will hear it every time they bark. If your dog barks excessively when other people are around, trying a bark collar may be an effective way of controlling the problem.

It is important that an ultrasonic bark collar is used for the appropriate reasons. Dogs are prone to barking naturally because it is their only way of making communication with their owners. A bark collar should be used to expect total silence from your dog. If your dog experiences separation anxiety, a condition of nervousness that occurs while you are away, the bark collar may only intensify the anxiety your dog feels.