Understanding Dog Eczema

Dog eczema is a skin condition which is common among all breeds and ages of dogs. The atopic dermatitis may look red, inflamed and itchy, dry and scaly or, in some cases, moist and oozing. Eczema is not contagious and seems to be due to an abnormal response from the immune system. Many factors can trigger reactions since your dog's skin is very sensitive. Your dog may have reactions to grass, pollen, shampoos, perfumes, household chemicals such as detergents and bleach, food allergies, bug bites such as fleas and mites, extreme changes in temperature and stress. The irritated, itchy skin may cause your dog to scratch and chew resulting in hair loss and the development of "hot spots." These hot spots are moist, raw and oozing areas on the skin consisting of various bacteria. Often, oral or topical antibiotics are given to clear up hot spots and prevent existing areas from rapidly spreading.