Three Unnecessary Feline Pet Care Products

Some feline pet care products, while they may seem beneficial, aren't actually necessary to maintain the health of your cat. Three particular products, which are highlighted below, are not needed in order for your cat to thrive and be in good health.

Vitamin Supplements

Cats have specialized dietary requirements and need particular amounts of protein, argonine, arachidonic acid, as well as other vitamins on a daily basis. There are now various types of supplements available that claim to give your cat what it may be missing from its diet. However, prepared cat food is designed to meet your cat's nutritional needs completely, so you don't need to purchase any additional vitamin supplements.

Hairball Remedies

There are now several petroleum-based hairball remedies available, but you do not need to purchase one in order to prevent hairballs. You can actually treat and prevent hairballs with the following less expensive products:

  • A spoonful of butter or margarine;
  • A teaspoon of mineral oil, and;
  • A dab of petroleum jelly.

Administer any one of these options every two weeks to treat and prevent hairballs in your cat.

Hairball Formula Food

Hairball formula food seems like a great purchase, but it isn't necessary for your cat. This kind of food contains a high level of fiber which helps your cat to pass the hairballs. However, you can add extra fiber to your cat's diet by mixing a teaspoon of canned pumpkin or canned squash into his or her food every day. In this way, you'll be providing your cat the extra fiber he or she needs without needing to buy the more expensive food.