Unusual Cat Behaviors

As some of the most solitary and mystifying animals that are regularly kept as pets, felines have a number of unusual cat behaviors that tend to stump owners. Cats have incredibly well developed personalities, and it's not abnormal for different pets even within the same household to have vastly different ways of living their lives. The important thing for you as an owner to be able to do is to identify when a particular unusual behavior is part of your cat's unique personality, and when it may be a sign of something dangerous or potentially harmful to the cat's health. Generally speaking, sudden changes in behavior are cause for concern. Read on for a brief overview of some of the most common unusual behaviors that cats exhibit.


One of the behaviors that tends to be most confusing to owners is when cats begin to paw or knead at a surface. It's not uncommon for a cat to paw at or knead on a piece of furniture, on a blanket, or even on your lap or stomach as he prepares to lay on you. This behavior is a bit unusual to see, but it's typically not the mark of any sort of problem. Rather, it hearkens back to instincts that cats have as kittens. By kneading at their mother's teats, they help to stimulate the flow of milk, allowing them to eat. In older cats this is often a sign of preparing a spot to sit or to lie down so that it's completely comfortable.

Eating Plants

Cats are known to be primarily carnivorous animals. In fact, cats require meat in their diets in order to provide them with the nutrients they need in order to live. However, it's not uncommon for cats to be seen eating plants around the house. When your cat eats greens, grass or some other plant in your home, he is likely trying to aid in his digestive process. Plants can help to keep your cat's digestive tract moving as it should. If you notice this, take note also of any digestive problems your pet seems to have, and see if you can help to aid in solving them by the food you give him and the water that you make available.

Frightened Behaviors

Cats will occasionally become very frightened. You may notice your cat with a petrified look in his eyes. He may run under a table, bed or into a closet and hide there for hours at a time. Typically when this happens, it's a sign that your pet is unaccustomed to something in the home. It often occurs in conjunction with the introduction of a new family member or a guest to the house, or when a new pet is introduced. Give your cat plenty of encouragement and treats, and allow him time to become familiar with the new member.