Urinary Tract Support Tablets for Pets

Urinary tract support tablets are a great way of helping to prevent urinary tract infections and many other potential health issues that can arise in your dog or cat. These tablets are generally all natural and contain no drugs or harmful chemicals. They are best used to act as a preventative measure against these infections, although some may have some beneficial properties that allow them to be helpful at reducing an existing infection as well.

Urinary Tract Support Tablet Overview

A urinary tract support tablet for a pet is a specially formulated type of nutritional supplement designed to maintain a healthy flow of urine and natural urinary tract function. The ingredients in these supplements vary from brand to brand and from animal to animal. However, they generally contain natural herbs and extracts that work to do several different things. The most important of these functions is to maintain the proper balance of healthy bacteria; antimicrobials like cranberry extract are often key ingredients of these tablets and help to prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

Diuretic ingredients are also relatively common in these tablets, as they help to encourage a natural flow of urine through the system. If your pet urinates frequently and regularly, the body tends to keep the urinary tract flushed out and it is more difficult for harmful bacteria to grow and for UTIs to occur. A third function of these tablets is to reduce inflammation and soreness in the urinary tract as it develops.

Administering Urinary Tract Support Tablets

These tablets are designed to be administered regularly to your pet as a preventative measure. This means that you can give your pet one tablet per day with his food, ground up so that he'll eat it more easily. Generally, because these tablets are all natural, there are few if any side effects. It's important, however, to watch out for any potential allergic reactions in your pet after you begin to give him these tablets, and to respond as quickly as possible if you do notice anything.

Consult a Veterinarian

Because urinary tract support tablets are generally not prescription based drugs, it's not necessary that you speak with a vet before you buy them. However, it's always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before you begin to give a pet any type of nutritional supplement or other natural home remedy. Keep your vet in the know about your pet's health and the medicines and supplements that the animal is on so that he can better advise you about health concerns as they come up. Urinary tract support tablets are generally available at most pet food stores and many all natural or organic grocery stores.

For more information about your pet's urinary tract and how to prevent or treat conditions that can potentially arise, speak with a vet.