Using a DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar for Canine Anxiety

A dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) collar is a unique method of helping to train your dog or to accomplish certain behavioral modifications. DAP collars are designed to emit subtle pheromones that your dog can smell, but that are too minute for the human nose to detect. As a result of the pheromones, your pet will experience a change in behavior and even, potentially, in brain function and desires. Read on for a guide on how to use a dog appeasing pheromone collar to help alleviate canine anxiety.

DAP Collar Overview

The way that a dog appeasing pheromone collar works is by presenting your pet with subtle pheromones that help to calm him down. Pheromones are a type of chemical that is created naturally through various systems in your dog's body. They play an important role for many animals in terms of the way that they dictate behaviors. Many pheromones play a part in helping animals to locate and choose mates, and they can also stimulate certain types of behaviors in animals.

The DAP collar generally works by emitting pheromones that mimic those produced by a mother dog. These pheromones are the first that a pet will likely encounter, and they have strong associations of calmness and relaxation for most pets. When in the presence of the pheromones, even the most anxious or aggressive dogs will tend to become sedate and mild mannered.

Benefits of a DAP Collar

A DAP collar is a great way to encourage modified behavior in your pet if you're interested in not giving your dog any medicines or other drug regimens to influence the way that he behaves. DAP collars are easy to use and provide no harmful side effects. They will not even produce any irritation on your pet's skin or cause damage to his fur. This makes them an obvious choice ahead of many drug regimens that are designed to reduce anxiety in dogs. Many of these programs can actually cause harmful side effects in your pet, physically.

Risks and Downsides of a DAP Collar

Because of the pheromones in a DAP collar and each individual animal's response to those pheromones, it can be somewhat tricky to determine exactly how your collar will influence his behavior. While it's generally not true that your DAP collar will cause your pet to be more aggressive or dangerous in any way, you can nonetheless cause changes in his personality that you may not desire, and which may be hard to control.

Another downside to DAP collars that many people find is that they often are not as effective as other means of controlling your dog's anxiety. For this reason, a dog appeasing pheromone collar may be a good choice of only part of a treatment for canine anxiety, but might not be a full treatment for your pet's anxiety problem.