Vaginal Discharge in Pregnant Cats

Pregnant cats will have a different behavior and will experience a few pregnancy symptoms. A vaginal discharge present in pregnant cats is not normal, unless the discharge is transparent. If you notice a vaginal discharge you need to visit the vet, as this may indicate that the cat has a problem which can result in abortion. A vaginal discharge containing blood may also signal abortion or premature delivery.

Vaginal Discharge in Pregnant Cats

If your pet is pregnant and has a vaginal discharge, you should analyze the type of vaginal discharge. If the discharge is transparent, this is not an alarming sign.

However, if the discharge is colored (i.e. yellow or green) or is more consistent and white or contains blood, these are all symptoms that should prompt you to go to the vet.

The discharge may be significant, but even if you only see a bit of dried discharge in the vaginal area, you need to seek veterinary help.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge in pregnant cats may indicate:

  • A vaginal or uterine infection (i.e. pyometra)
  • Chlamydia, which can affect the kittens (i.e. eye infections, respiratory infections)
  • Abortion of kittens, 1 or several fetuses may be aborted

All these are serious conditions that can endanger the health of the cat and the unborn kittens. A vaginal infection may spread to the vital organs of the cat and may also affect the fetuses. Pyometra, a serious uterine infection will cause the formation of pus, which will be eliminated in the vaginal discharge. This type of infection will affect the kittens, being fatal in most cases and may also be fatal for the mother, as the uterus can burst due to the infection.

Diagnosing Vaginal Discharge in a Pregnant Cat

The diagnosis of the vaginal discharge in a pregnant cat will be done by taking a sample of the discharge and analyzing it under the microscope. The color of the discharge may also indicate the type of problem. For instance, a pink discharge can point to a fungal infection. A greenish vaginal discharge can indicate a bacterial infection.

A creamy white discharge can indicate the presence of pus and the cat may be affected by pyometra.

Additional tests may be performed for more conclusive results. The vet will also do an ultrasound test to see if the kittens are healthy. 

Treatment Options 

A vaginal discharge indicating an infection can be treated with a cure of antibiotics.

In extreme cases the vet will recommend spaying the cat and aborting the kittens, if these endanger the health of the cat.

Vaginal Discharge after Birth 

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy indicates a problem, but you should know that the cat will have a vaginal discharge for up to 10 days, which is perfectly normal. The discharge may contain blood (so it may be pink or brown) and will be thicker.