An Overview of Veterinarian Careers

Veterinarian careers can offer the avid animal lover a chance to not only work with animals but also ensure their health and well-being. There are several position available in the veterinary field. You could be a great candidate for a career as a vet technician, a vet assistant, veterinary hospital manager, or even a receptionist in the office.


Veterinarians are doctors qualified to assess the health of animals and treat their illness. Veterinarian schools provide this education in the form of a four-year, post-graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Veterinarian Assistants

The veterinarian assistant works in the kennels, helps with the handling of animals, feeds and exercises the animals, and performs light clerical duties. There is no qualifying exam for this position though training programs are available; all that is really needed is a willingness to work with animals and the ability to listen, communicate, and multi-task.

Veterinary Technician

The veterinary technician holds a degree in veterinary technology and is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The veterinary technician performs laboratory procedures, x-rays, and surgical assistance.

Veterinary Receptionist

Veterinary receptionists manage records, schedule and prioritize tasks, and interact with patients and their owners as they check in and out of veterinary clinics and hospitals. Veterinary receptionists must have good communication skills, a knowledge of computers, and skills with both people and animals. They must complete a credentialed Veterinary Receptionist program to receive credentials.

Veterinary Hospital Manager

A veterinary hospital manager oversees the management duties of a veterinary hospital so that the veterinarians under his supervision can concentrate on practicing medicine. A veterinary hospital manager performs human resources management, makes schedules, takes care of daily banking, and handles accounts both receivable and payable. A veterinary hospital manager must be a qualified veterinarian, as well as holding a degree in veterinary hospital management.