Sara Joann Meritt

Location: El Paso, Texas USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

Veterinarian Profile

Sara received her associate's degree of science from Western Career College. She is a registered veterinary technician in California since 2006 and currently works in an Emergency Pet Center in El Paso, Texas.

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Answers from Sara Joann Meritt

  • My dog is making a low growling sound as he breaths

    why is my dog making a low growling sound as he breaths and his eyes are swollen we took him to the vet they wanted 300 dollars for blood samples and x rays we don't have that kind of money we cant stand to see him sick we have antibiotics for him will he be OK is there anything we can do to help him?

  • King charles spaniel dog licking paw and urinating on it

    My little leo , king charles spaniel is only 1.5 ysr and has started to constantly lick his front left paw. I have also only just noticed he wont cock his leg and is urinating on that paw. What could be the problem?

  • My cat is not eating

    My cat hasn't eaten in three days and seems to be tired. She has caught grasshopper and mice and eaten them prior to stopping eating. She is about three years old and slightly over weight. What can I do for her?

  • Can the cat flu be transmitted by humans?

    Can the cat flu be transmitted from one household to another?

  • How do I get my dog to urinate on my lawn??

    Dog learned to mark as an un-neutered dog. He was neutered as an adult. Now, he will not empty his bladder on our lawn and must go for several walks a day in order to do so. How do I get him to just empty his bladder on my lawn??

  • dog bladder infection and we don't have access to a vet ?

    Our dog is not eating, drinking and can hardly walk. From her front paws down is extremely tender. We are hundreds of kilometers from a vet and they are not open at night. what would you suggest we do tonight ?

  • canine hair loss and rash after shampooing

    I think the shampoo I have been using on my dog is causing her to have a rash and hair loss from rubbing her face on fabric, but this is supposed to be a medicated shampoo.

  • Can my larger dog break my smaller dog's ribs?

    can a larger dog (70lbs) break ribs of a (10lb) dog?

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