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  • Cat allergies
    I have a foster cat who came from a feral colony. After living with us for a few months, she started licking herself excessively. She went to a few vets, all saying "allergies". She went to friend's home for food trial (grain free) and did great - came home, same food - but immediately started licking. So now, three days since she is home, she has raw patches, squinty eyes and intensive scratching around ears. How can we manage this condition besides giving her prednisone shots all her life?
  • My cat has been sneezing and has watery eyes
    my cat has been sneezing and has watery eyes for about a week now. what can i do to help her? do i need to call a vet or maybe go get something at a pet store
  • Does my cat have asthma, has been coughing and wheezing?
    I adopted a Persian cat from a purebred rescue two weeks ago. He has been having coughing/wheezing fits several times a day, seemingly for no reason. We took him to the vet when we found blood in his stool and after testing his stool for parasites, the vet determined that the coughing and blood were stress-related. She also said that Persians cough a lot because of their smashed faces. Teddy has a very open face for a Persian. What do you think?
  • Could my cat be having an allergic reaction?
    For the past few weeks, my cat has been retching like he's got a hairball that he can't get up. I've taken him to the vet and they gave him a dewormer (even though he tested clean) and something to get rid of the hairballs. He's still doing it. However, we just realized that he only does it when we are drying hot peppers from our garden. Particularly, the habaneros (which makes the humans in the house cry.) Could this be a reaction to the smell or the capsaisan the perfumes the house?
  • Suggestions to treat my cat's allergies
    Hello- My cat has been having some problems with allergies. I take her to the vet over and over again and she keeps giving me the same pills that do not work. When my cats allergies are really bad, she pulls chunks of hair out from the root and also licks spots on her body raw. She also gets bad infections in her eyes. I have changed her food because the vet said it might be an allergy to food. Nothing has changed and the pills from my vet do not seem to be working. Any other suggestions?
  • Nasal allergies in cat - treatment options
    My 7 year old pure bread Siamese cat (sadie) has been suffering from nearly year round nasal allergies for several years now. Allergies Sept - May. We have tried chlortrimeton and zyrtec antihistimines but they don't relieve the itching or runny eyes. Now the dermatology vet wants to try cortisone pills. Atopica would have been a better option they explained but there is a problem with the supply this year. How safe is it to put a cat on cortisone pill for 9 months of the year? Side effects
  • My cats sneezing a lot. Why?
    I have a one year old male cat that has been sneezing alot lately. Could this be serious or just allergies? He likes to go out side to catch mice and birds could he have caught something from them? I also have an indoor female I don't want her to get sick if its something contagious.
  • My cat is sneezing. The other one too. Why?
    I have two cats: a tabby and a Siamese. The taby was the first to get sick, now the Siamese is sneezing heavily and is lethargic. He is still eating and is trying to drink water but his nose passages are stuffed, so he is having a hard time and his eyes are tearing.
  • My cat has allergies. What might be the cause?
    My cat, 11 months old, has lately had watery puffy eyes, and he seems congested. Have 2 others, same age, no problems.
  • Is cat dander bad for pregnancy?
    I am about 6 months pregnant and I've moved in with my mom, who has 7 cats. Could it be bad for me and the baby? How can I know?
  • Should I give my cat benadryl for allergies?
    We have a lot of yellow pollen on trees right now. I took her to vet last week for scratching. He gave her a steriod shot, now she went outside again and is sneezing a lot. Will benadryl help her and how much, she is three years old and weighs ten pounds. Thanks

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