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  • What are some things you can do to control cat hairball?
  • How do you stop a cat from biting her cast?
  • Is there much benefit on a B12 shots for a 14yr old cat
    B12 shots recommended for 14 yr. old cat with chronic pancreatitis. much benefit? Is there much of a benefit? This cat has been through radiation and other 2 years ago for parathyroid removal. I wish to keep him unstressed. Opinion?
  • Cat not eating, drinking or walk-Effects of Anesthesia?
    My 4 year old cat was taken to the Vet on Wednesday morning to get shaved. In order to do so they gave him anesthesia. It is now Saturday and my cat hasn't eaten or drank anything yet. He lays in one spot and only walks if we pick him up and move him (he just walks straight back to his "spot"). He still seems to be very weak and is not showing in any interest in anything. Could there be permanent effects from the anesthesia? What should we do? Any answers at all would mean a lot. Thanks.
  • Feline Kidney Disease
    At what point do you suggest euthanasia for a cat with kidney disease. I don't understand when to tell that the quality of his life is not worth it. I love my cat but I don't want him to suffer and the vet won't help me answer the question.
  • My cat is limping, unsure if it's just a simple sprain.
    Kitten limping.My kitten is limping due to her front leg's elbow, and is now just laying around semi asleep It only started two days ago and am unsure if it's just a simple sprain.
  • Very thin cat leaking white liquid-will this heal on it's own?
    My nieces cat is a little over a year old. She is mainly an outdoor cat. A few days ago I noticed what looked like a lump on her hip, and a milky white liquid leaking from her leg, with a very foul odor. Within the past two weeks she has lost a lot of weight and is nearly skin and bones. Her appetite was fine until this lump and liquid appeared. Today I noticed the skin looks like it has opened and a yellow bumpy looking 'skin' is showing through. I have very little money for vet-please help
  • What can I do for a cat with a nose that is stuffed up?
    I have a very small Bengal Cat that constantly has a stuffy nose. She has been checked out and I was told she has allergies. Is there anything I can give her to clear up the mucus in her nose?
  • What doseage of vitiman C or licorice should I give a cat with a cold?
    I want to use a natural remedy. Cat is sneezing with runny nose.
  • Is ingesting ants toxic to cats?
    Cat is ingesting ants along with its usual food. During day when no one is home ants seem to invade food dish.
  • Is testing for feline leukemia neccessary?
    I have a four year old cat who is presumed to have allergies due to itching, ripping out fur, and swollen lower lip. His allergies have been treated for 3 years with Depomedrol (monthly). One of his litter mates tested negative to feline leukemia prior to my adopting him. He has had all his vaccinations on time and lives with two other kitties. One of the kitties was very sick when I got him (tested negative) two years ago. The cat in question has no issues besides itching and swelling.
  • Regarding my 4 month old kitten with abcess
    Recently developed at her lower lip/chin area, about size of a large pea and red. I would like to try a home remedy first, due to our situation of being a foster for her and her 3 brothers (feral) with limited resources for non emergency health issues. With thanks for any help you can provide us.
  • I have a kitten with Hypoplasia, how to care for him
    I just adopted a kitten yesterday with Hypoplasia. He came as a "free" adoption as he was buddies with the Chihuahua puppy I had arranged to adopt. Seeing this kitten (Seamus)struggle to mobilize I am anxious to do everything I can to help him grow and hopefully strengthen! I need information and a "What to expect"! He has a good home with us, 2 adult Shih Tzu/poodle, the puppy and 3 adult cats, all knowing he is special and all very caring! Can you help us with info?? thanks! Teresa
  • Should I give my rescue cat shots?
    I rescued a cat off the street. He was in really good shape and was definitely domesticated. I want to know if I should have him get shots, as I don't know if he's ever had them. Also, he is on the skinny side. How much are shots?
  • My kitten has blood on his anus, what do i need to do for it?
    i just noticed blood on my kittens anus. i think it looks sore and irritated also. what causes this and what do i need to do for it?
  • What is this lump on my cat?
    My 13 week old kitten has a lump on her right side where I assume her stomach would be. I only just noticed it when stroking her. It's about the size of a 10 pence. Is this normal?
  • Can a blood test dectect if a cat has diabetes?
    I recently took my fourteen year-old cat to the vet. I asked the veterinarian to give him a complete blood test. The results came out excellent, but the vet suggested I give my cat electrolytes because he was slightly dehydrated. I was wondering if the blood exam done on my cat would have been able to detect something more serious, such as diabetes.
  • How long should I keep my cats separated due to a cold
    For how long should my cats be separated from each other when one of them got a cold? My older cat(1,6 yr) got a cold and I received numerous medications from the vet yd. I also got a kitten (12 weeks) who has not yet caught the cold. Vet told me to keep them separated ...but for how long? Until my older cat gets better or can she be let out in the rest of the house when treatment started? What are the chances that the kitten already caught something from my older cat? (before yd I did not know what was wrong with my older cat and they both roam the house...Thanks
  • My cat sleeps all the time or looks really spooked out
    can you help please??????c my 1 yrs old cat has been to the vet twice the past week......i was told he had a he is on antibiotics as well as being re-hydrated with fluid while at the vets...this has been going on for a my cat sleeps all the time and since earlier today he gets up every 20 mins or so looking real spooked...his eyes bulge and he runs like he s trying to escape something but only his balance is all shot and he falls over......can you shed any light on this as its very distressing ....i
  • What are the reasons i should take my cat to the vet
    I am doing a research paper on the benefits of routine health care for animals and i need to know what are the reasons i should take my cat to the vet
  • Does slightly elevated cat calcium levels return back to normal on its own?
    Hi, I have two orange tabby cats both 2 yrs old. I recently took them to the Vet because one of them keeps vomiting undigested food. However, I have an assumption of who it may be as she loves food and eats way too fast. The Vet did some blood work and everything look great except he just wanted to retest one of my cats calcium as it was SLIGHTLY elevated. He told me he is 90% sure when it is retested that it will go back to normal range as he sees this a lot. Is this true? Should I be worried?
  • Cat nails have black film
    My Russian Manx cat gets a black oil film on her nails that's hard to clean off. I got her from the SPCA a year ago - she's a senior - and I have yet to solve the problem of what causes the problem or how to clean the nails. The cat freaked out when I tried to clean her nails with a nail brush and dawn dish detergent. It can't be healthy to have such a dirty film on her nails, especially next to the nail bed. How can I clean it and stop it from reoccurring?
  • Do cats drool?
    Do cats drool? at two years old?
  • Cat nails digging into pads-why?
    My cat is a 10-11 yr. old long-haired Siamese, with diabetes. I trim his nails, but I've noticed in the past month that 3 of his claws have gotten "rounded" and are digging into his pads. I won't trim them bcuz I don't want to hurt him. We are taking him to the vet soon, but what causes this? Will those nails have to be declawed? I shutter at the thought of doing that to him.
  • my 12 week old kitten has cat balance problems. Why?
    My 12 week old kitten is started having balancing problem, like when she tries to scratch she will sometimes fall over and when she tries to walk a straight line she will toward the left. I've never seen anything like this please help.
  • Vaccinated cat shares house with cat testing positive for feline leukemia?
    We have cat that tested positive with feline leukemia and have recently brought home another kitten. I do not want this kitten to contract this. If she is vaccinated for this, can she contract this disease? Also, told by vet that it is only transmitted through fighting or sex but read that it can be transmitted through urine but was told by my vet that there were no issues with sharing a litter box? Confused and want to do what is right.
  • Eucalyptus oil for cats?
    We have started using a organic mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 eucalypths oil mixture on our dogs for fleas but I want to know is it okay to use on our cat or is it toxic for our indoor cat?
  • Fined for missing cat vaccinations for a year?
    I didn't do my 2 cats vaccinations last year -mainly due to money constraints and now I can do them. I wanted to find out if I would be fined or lose my cats since I missed last year's shots. But this year I am getting them done at pet clinic since my vet's rate are so high?
  • Cat seizures return after remission
    Hi. My cat is three years old. About one and a half years ago she began having siezures. She spins rapidly in a circle salivate falls on her side than wets herself. Our vet offerred no diagnosis but perscribed valium to control the siezures about six months later she jsut stopped having siezures. She stopped for a full year but had one two days ago and two yesterday. She eats the same food as another cat in the house who is perfectly healthy (A much larger 9 year old male). Please help
  • Cat's leg paralyzed after injection
    My one year old cat was not feeling good. He was having vomiting and liquid motions.he was also not eating any thing. So I called a VET. the vet gave him two injections in his back leg. After these injections her vomiting and motions are cured but her back leg is paralyzed. He is still very weak and not eating food but I am feeding him with liquid diet with a feeder. Please tell me what this paralyze leg is about? can his leg be again normal like before?
  • Removing matted cat fur?
    I was sick for a few days and couldn't brush my cat. His back is now severly matted. How do I remove these matts from his fur?
  • Is it true pet euthanasia is painless and quick?
    My cat is 19 years old and failing very rapidly, and much as I love her I cannot stand by and see her suffer. Would it be quick and not painful to have her euthanasized?
  • Are terra cotta plant plates safe to use as a cat food dish?
    I'm trying to find shallow plates or bowls for my cat to eat from. The only thing I find suitable is the terra cotta plates that go under pots. Are these safe?
  • Should I give my cat a glucose blood test if I may have doubled dose?
    I may have given my cat insulin at 8 and at 11. I got confused. Shoud I take his blood to see glucose? He is eating.
  • Can I transfer the feline herpes virus from one cat to another via carrier?
    I transfered a cat to the local Animal Shelter, and I have found out that he has the herpes virus. Do I need to disinfect the cat carrier that I took him in? (I am a cat sitter and use this carrier to transport other cats). Also, if I held the cat, can the virus transfer from my clothing to another cat at a later time?
  • Cat cold relief?
    My cat has a cold and is sneezing with a running nose and some eye discharge.What can I do for him? I can't go to a vet because I can't afford it right now.

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