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  • Can my cat recover fully from toxic seizure hospitalization
    toxic seizure recovery? I have a 1 yr old JRT/Britany mix.Last Monday we came home to find that he had ate about 4 oz. of coffee beans and knocked over a glass side table,he sliced open his back foot and now has staples. he has been in ICU for 4 days, everything seems to be working fine except he does no seem in touch with reality. He does not recognize his humans or his dog sister. he just walks/jogs around. Can he come out of it? he is not aggressive at all.just a little lost.
  • What to do about a declawed cat with torn stitches?
    We have a kitten that had his front claws removed on Tuesday. He managed to get one of his paws through his soft cone last night and when I got him this morning,his right front paw had dried blood on it. He has blood on his cone and it is on the carpet, his couch and bed. It is just little spots, but he is so little that it seems like a lot. He is walking on it, but gingerly. The vets office is closed and I'm just wondering if I can put something on his paw to keep it from being infected.
  • How is the dose of radioiodine therapy calculated?
    My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism approximately six months ago. We started with 5mg of methimazole, then recently upped the dose to 7mg after blood work showed a slightly elevated T4 level. I just scheduled her for radioiodine therapy. The vet who will perform the procedure has reviewed her records, and my vet wrote a referral, but it seems like he should want another blood sample one taken while on the 7mg dose. How does a vet determine the correct dose of radioiodine?
  • Feline tendon surgery
    I'm told, my 11 year old feline requires tendon surgery-rear R leg. X-Rays show that his tendon's are deteriorating. There is no stability when the vet manipulates the joint. He had tendon surgery 4 years ago on the other rear leg and recovered just fine. He has been walking with a gait for 5 days now, but is not in pain. His mobility is limited but he still attempts to jump on and off the bed-with some difficulty. I don't want to rush into surgery just yet. Are there other options?
  • Kitten constipation. Is it problem with anal muscles?
    Hi There, we have a new kitten, Ripley, who is an 11 week old manx. She had some problems, sticky eyes, worms, fleas and diarrhea. She had a 3 night stay at Vets. She seems to have problems with her anal muscles. She is constipated now. The Vet thinks she may have to be put to sleep as we have tried all sorts, anti-b's, enemas, changing diet. She came back from Vets all bright & so lovely. But she cannot get the poo out and strains. What comes out gets stuck on her bum. Can you help? Thank you.
  • Issues with cat vaccinations under anesthesia?
    I had a 2.5 year old cat put under anesthesia for grooming at my vet. (My cat is very aggressive and can not be groomed without being under). She was given her distemper vaccination at the same appt. Over the course of 5 days,.she went from just being lethargic to now vomiting, diarrhea, not eating/drinking or cleaning herself. I took her back to the vet, they state there is no connection to the previous visit and did blood work. Are there issue with vaccinations given under anesthesia?
  • Toxoplamosis for an animal rescuer?
    I have recently become pregnant and I'm worried about toxoplasmosis. I know about cooking meat and not changing the litter box, but my situation isn't that simple. I work in animal rescue and can not completely eliminate my exposure to strange cats and their feces. I can wear gloves, but they do break etc. I realize now I could have had an antibody test 6 months BEFORE I became pregnant, but it is too late to do that now. What is the advise that is given to female Vets? Certainly no one is telling them to quit work, so what do they do?
  • Veterinary procedures: can a vet legally hold an animal for nonpayment?
    A friend of mine took her cat to the vet because of a bad infection in her neck (caused by a grub). After being treated once, she had to take the cat back because she was getting worse and was starting to smell. SO when she did take her back, she told the vet up front that she didn't have to money to pay for the cat to have surgery. They wouldn't give the cat back to her and said she had to come back tomorrow with the money or they won't give her back.
  • Recuperation time after cat enema?
    My cat was hospitalized and given an enema for compacted stool and IV fluids as he was not eating. How long will it take him to be somewhat back to normal? He is still extremely lethargic and not eating yet. Brought him home 24 hours ago, he drinks and is a little friendly but basically still out of it.
  • Typical cat tumor testing procedures before surgery
    My cat has a bumpy tumor on shoulder blade. Vet took cells with a very small needle, looked under microscope, and said there's definitely abnormal multiple nuclear cells. Surgery is scheduled to remove the entire lump at which time it will be sent off for pathology. Shouldn't they do a biopsy first to see what it is before performing such a major surgery on the animal? Is there a chance it's NOT fibrosarcoma and can be cured? I feel I am being rushed into surgery without enough information.

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