Nervous System

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  • My cats nervous system has failed..what to do?
    my siamese cat gave bith to 4 kittens after which she got ill...we took her to teh vet but the dr said she has infection in her uteris n they admitted her for like a week n now her nervous system has failed n she also has got a what should we do now???
  • My cat has his head cock sideways and seems unstable
    just been getting worse by the day
  • Could my cat have a brain tumor? What is the prognosis for her
    Could my cat have a brain tumor? What is the prognosis for feline neuroloical problems Hi, I have an adult cat who has been getting sick over the past couple of months. She gets lethargic, then has difficulty with balance and coordination. She seems to have difficulty seeing. She walks in a crouching stance, avoids turning to her left and keeps a wall on her right side.Her appetite and fluid intake seem okay, but she has (new) difficulty swallowing. She goes 4-5 days between using the litterbox. She's had two rounds of prednisone and abx. It helps, but she declines after it's done
  • Kitten can't use rear legs, can this be nerve damage
    I found a kitten appearing 6-8 weeks old yesterday abandoned along a dirt road. She appeared healthy, just very skinny. I slowly introduced her to my four basset hounds. They were very good and calm around her. One of the bassets ran to get a toy and hit full force into the kitten. The kitten since cannot stand. She eats, drinks, sleeps, but can't walk and hasn't pottied. She has feeling in her toes. Could this be nerve damage, broken spine? She's alert and happy. What's her possible recovery?
  • My cat has been having spasms and drooling lately, what is wrong
    what wrong last wed., my kitten started going under my bed and when she would come out she'd have drool around her mouth. lately she's been having spasms. whats wrong?
  • Balance problem in cats plus showing signs of disability
    My friend's cat gave birth to 4 kitties this spring. they stated to grow normally until they reached their first month. One of them stated walking and running, but the other three showed some kind of disability. They couldn't keep their balance properly. They were taken to 2 veterans and both of them diagnosed lack of vitamins but none of them helped. I'd be grateful if you watch these movies and tell me your idea. Thank you so much.
  • Was it a cat stroke? Or did my cat have a seizure?
    Last night my cat vomited right after eating. About an hour later, he was sleeping on the bed and I placed him on the floor to make the bed but he did not stand on his feet. Within minutes he was walking funny, not being able to be balanced, falling over himself. His eyes every now and then would shoot back and forth like he has following a laser pointer. He seemed very confused. His head was also moving around alot, his pupils were huge. He was not purring or making any noises that he has ALWAYS done. This came on suddenly and the eye moving happened three different times until we finally got him to settle and go to sleep. He is purring this morning and making his noises, he is a few months away from a year old. Did he take a stroke? A seizure? What happened?

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