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  • Is the locking jaw mechinism in dogs a myth?
    I have a lab and pit bull mix and my new apartment won't allow him because they are afraid he has locking jaws. Does he?
  • Dog ankle problems for my puppy. What's wrong?
    Dear Veterinarian, We recently adopted a 2 month old puppy that seems to be a mix between husky and samoyed. We've only had her for three days. This morning we woke up, took her on a walk, and on the way home from the walk, she was limping. Her two front legs appear bow-legged. The ankles stick out far to the side laterally, away from her body, making her toes point inward. We pressed all over her front legs and she doesn't yelp at all. Also, there was no injury that we know of.
  • What happens if a dogs penis is too large?
    His penis gets about three times larger then normal and he is unable to move when he humps things.
  • My black lab dog has bowed hind legs
    I have a 9 month old black lab. I got her several months ago from some one who couldn't take care of her. I didn't notice at first but she has bowed hind legs. she has no problem running, but has a hard time getting up on higher places, like the sofa or my bed.
  • Why is my dogs stomach hard?
    My dog's stomach is really hard, but she is toileting and eating as normal. She seems uncomfortable following me around with her tail hanging and not herself. She "hurts" her back twisting etc at times, but I fix that with rest and a heat pac and she's right in a day or 2. This started with those signs but went after she walked for a while. My husband thinks its inflamation of some sort.?She is an 11kg poodleXcairns terrier aged 11 yrs old. Thanks for your help,Kerry
  • How do I treat a canine yeast infection?
    I have a Staffy / Pit mix with a yeast infection diagnosed by our vet. He has been on antibiotics for over a month with no or minimal improvement. He is constantly scratching, I know its miserable for him. Is there anything I can do to reduce the scratching and redness? I clean his ears with a vinegar/water combination and they seem to be better, and the smell isn't as bad as before.
  • Why does my dog have such big teets?
    I have just got my new dog today and have realized she has really big teats! She is not pregnant nor has she had a litter.
  • My dogs gums and lips have a loss of pigment. Why?
    Hi! I am loved by Manny, my 2 yr old German Shepherd dog. He is bi-color: black with tan legs. He is intact. 6 months ago my husband and I noticed his black bottom lip was turning pink and now it's happening on his top lip. Is this something we should be concerned about? It's not diseased looking, it just lost the pigment. Happened to his gums also. Any guidance on how to address or make it stop (if that's possible) would be greatly appreciated. - Sarah
  • Why does my dog have a tongue discoloration?
    My chow chow used to have an all blue-black tongue when I got him. He was only three months old then and now he's 1 year and 3 months old. Yesterday, I noticed that a small pink spot suddenly appeared on the tip of his tongue. Is this normal? Does that mean that he's not a pure breed?
  • My dog has a pink tooth. What's wrong?
  • My dogs nipples are falling off. Is this okay?
    12 yr old Jack Russell Terrier un altered is losing his nipples. His nipples have all fallen off at this point except for 1. He is not sick by any means but he is 12 yrs old and unaltered due to being infertile.
  • Can hot spots enlarge a dog's neck a lot? Can it grow very quickly?
    My dog has spent this past week in the vet and ER off and on. Last week he had bladder surgery and was recovering well for the first two days. The vet gave him food with Chicken (which he is allergic to). It's the 2nd day on Steroids and Benadryl, but he seems to be getting worse. His neck is very enlarged, The top area is oozing with puss. How long should it take to get better?
  • My dog's penis is bleeding. Why?
    My blue pitbull has been bleeding alot from inside his penis pouch. Been 2 days now and he has lost alot of blood. I'm scared.
  • Swollen vagina in 18 year old dog. What is that?
    I have a 18 year old poodle with a very swollen vagina, I have never seen that in a older dog, what is that?She was never fixed
  • Curled dogs tail. Why?
    The tail on our 9-year-old dog is curling up on the end. It also has lost the hair on the tip of the tail. Is this normal?
  • Canine penis sticking out treatment?
    my toy poodle's penis is still stuck out after breeding. It is sticking out about 1/2 inch. We tried last nite to lubricate it and push it back in. It would not stay..hoped it would go back on it's own last nite. It is still stuck out and he is trying to breed again this morning. It doesn't seem to affect him.

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