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  • Neurological issues with ruptured eardrum in dog

    My chihuahua has been at the vet for days being treated for a ruptured eardrum, now she is having uncontrolled neurological issues. What can I do to help her?

  • My dog is losing her hearing. Is there anything I can do about it?
  • Frequent dog ear infection
    My German shepherd keeps getting ear infection but this time her ear is really red and smells bad and there is pus. What is this? I did the vinegar and water wash and it helped a little but there is still some pus and her ear is still really red and inflamed.
  • Dog ear mites- oils as treatment
  • Dog has ear problems; flaking and smelly
    My 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua ear's have been really smelly for these past couple of weeks. I took a look at them today and the skin around and in the ear were flaking and there is a clear secretion that is coming out of it and was scabbing. A couple of weeks ago my father cleaned my dog's ears. What can I do for him?
  • What is the lump on my dog's ear?
    My dog has a pocket of fluid on his ear. What could this be? Its like a big blister. He doesn't seem fazed by it all all, he'll let me touch and feel about it no problem. There's no lump underneath, it is all just fluid. It's on the inside soft flap of his ear. I'm concerned as it seems 2 have gotten a little bigger over couple days. Please help
  • Left ear sensitivity with my Lab dog, should I be worried?
    My 2 year old Yellow Lab does not like when his left ear is touched and he'll whimper like it hurts. I am not sure. But it is not inflammed. Help? Should I be worried? Why could he be sensitive? He doesn't shake his head consitantly either.
  • My dog has developed a small white lump on the outside of his ear
    lump on dogs ear My 6 yr old great dane mix has developed a small white lump on the outside of his ear closer to the base its gotten a little bigger in size since we first noticed it and is hard. Is this something I should worry about or just leave? Any ideas about what it could be?>??
  • My dogs ear feels like he has a huge lump
    Large lump on dogs ear I touched my dogs ear and it feels like he has a huge lump that seems filled with fluid. It is sensative. What could have caused this?
  • Can humans gets earmites from dogs?
    my dog has earmites and i was wondering of humans can get them.
  • My dog has a white lump that formed over her inner ear
    my dog has a size of a pea hard white lump that formed over several weeks on he inner ear what could this be what would cause this and what is it
  • Our dogs ears gets itchy, she tears them up and damages them
    Itchy ears Every summer our boxer's ears get so itchy that she tears them up. Of course, causing additional problems of bleeding and scabbing. The itching also occurs on her neck and in her armpits. We spend a fortune every year with going to the vet numerous times and purchasing an antifungal/steroid ointment. I would like to know what causes it in the first place and how to prevent it. Thank you!
  • Is it okay to put sabb on a hematoma in my dogs ear
    i put sabb on my dogs ear that the vet told me was blood clots. my dogs ear is so swollen.
  • How do you treat ear mites in dogs?
    My dog has fleas or something in his ear. he scratches so much that he yelps. It looks like raw hamburger inside with scabs & has a foul stench of something rotting inside. What can I pour in his ear to keep fleas 7 ear mites out?
  • What to do for a dog ear infection?
    I don't have money to take him to the vet. He is 32 pounds and he has an ear infection. He holds his head funny, cries if you touch him, won't eat or drink, and has nasty black stuff that stinks in one of his ears. He has had it before but not this bad and he has a fever.
  • My dog has a swollen right ear
    my germane shepard right ear is puffy. we thought maybe he got stung by bee because he loves to chase we drin his ear we get infection and blood what else can we do
  • Our Akita mix dog has had chronic ear issues
    Our Akita mix has had chronic ear issues since we adopted her - our Vet has examined a sample swab from her ears and determined that she has 'abnormal bacteria'. We have tried Tresaderm, which seemed to help at first, then after about 5 days the head shaking started again. Now our vet has prescribed Mometamax, and we are on the second day of it and she just caused her ear to bleed from scratching it. We have spent a lot of money-she is miserable-please help!
  • Itchy dog ear problems. What is it?
    My dog is a husky/collie mix. She is 10 years old. For the past couple of months she has been begging for us to scratch her ears, and lately she has been scratching them with her foot, yelping sometimes when she does it.
  • Can yeast infection in my dogs ear have side effects
    Hi! I have an 11 year old shih-tzu, Casey. In the past, she has been treated for yeast infections in her ear. She has been very anxious, little to no appetite, clingy to me. Found a nasty yeast infection in her ear. Began treatment with cleanser and antibiotic. My question is can the yeast infection be causing her anxious behavior? She had blood work done on Monday and everything checked out fine. No temp either. Thank you.
  • What should I give my dog for a fever?
    My shih tzu has a fever from an ear infection. I know she should not have tylinol or motrin what can I give her as a fever reducer?
  • Worried about dark spots on my white Chihuahua ears
    Worried about dark spots on my white Chi ears! from new pet owner (MD) 3 mo Chihuahua, 1lb. white,itching; her skin looks light pink. Worse in PM,sides of her stomach feel very hot & 10 minutes later feel normal. 1 of her eyes looks swollen slightly. Her ears are slightly swollen at the base at night (on the back of her ears). Her ears stand tall but they have a few
  • My dog mini-yorkie needs another ear ablation
    Dog mini-yorkie (14) needs another ear ablation after succumbing to 3 serious ear infections in 2 yrs since the original op.My vet now didnt do her orig. surgery,he hasnt done repeat ear ablation surgery be4.I understand the extra risks due to scar tissue and the poss of him severing the facial nerve or of hemorrhage.Penny had a severe cough before the ear infection which has now cleared up since she had an injection of antibiotics.cud cough b linked to ear infection?what questions should i ask?
  • Seven week old Husky dog with one ear erect and one ear folds over
    Hi I have a husky 7 week old he had both ears erect and now one of them stands and the other ear it is slightly erect with just the tip of the ear folding over, will it stand back up? Also does it have to do with him teething. Although he is teething I never see him bring the ear that folds straight up.
  • Scabs on tips of my dogs ears
    My peek-a-poo dog has two lump scabs on the tips of her (floppy) ears. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but doesn't want anyone to look at them. The scabs are crusty-looking and a little larger than pea sized. She came from the groomers and had a full trim of all of her fur, which had too many clumps to comb out, so we're re-growing her coat. What do you think those scabs are [& caused by]?
  • Why is my 14 yr. old dog's ear bleeding from the inside?
    When I woke up this morning to take my dog outside, there was blood all over her ear and her ear was bleeding from the inside. What is that?
  • What could cause deafness after ear flush procedure with my dog?
    Our dog had her ears flushed last Wednesday. Prior to that she was a hyper-alert and healthy animal. After the procedure she is stone deaf. Our vets have no idea why. What could have happened? Is it possible that the hearing loss is temporary? We are devastated.
  • Why does my dog have ear problems?
    My pitbull has a swolen ear and she has sores on her legs.
  • King's Charles cavalier is deaf. What can I do?
    Can the ears of a 11 year old dog be syringed to improve hearing?. Thanks for your answer. D.Marcelli
  • Chronic dog ear problems
    My vet recommended TECA ($3000 for a 9-year-old dog) for my immune challenged Cocker. He has had problems with episcleritis and very low platelette count. These have been successfully treated with prednisone. When we stopped the pred, he developed ear problems. I would rather treat with medication, diet and regular cleaning. He currently has one ruptured ear drum. What are you thoughts?
  • Dog ear infection: during treatment should ears be clean and dry?
    I've been giving my dog baytril Otic 3 drops into each ear twice daily for about 7 days now (with baytril pill and Pred 5mg (steroids) for inflammation. He has a ear infection according to my vet. I was looking at his ear canal and realized he has white solid gooey stuff inside of his ear canal in both ears. Is this normal? It's either white or yellow but it's definitely there. Shouldn't his ear canal be clean and dry? Ear infection 1yr 8months old dog (12 lbs)
  • Tip of dog's ear is swollen and its not going down
    My 5 year old boxer just recently has had the tip of her ear swollen. I think it may be an insect bite but I'm not sure. This is like day 4 and it's not going down. She doesn't act like he's in pain, but I just didn't want to rush her to the vet if there is something I can do.
  • Ear hematoma in dog three times in less than a year
    My Pit Bull has had three ear hematomas in less than a year. One required surgery, the other two were drained. It's happened on both ears. Her brother had this once. Could it be vein problems in her ear?
  • Dog's scratching ear and side of face
    Lilly, my 13 year old doxie, has had horrible ear scratching and side of mouth scratching for a long time now. I am seeing a holistic vet and she is on a 100% pure rabbit diet, along with Preference Honest Kitchen. I have tried absolutely everything to help her stop the constant itching. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Thank you. Debbie
  • Home remedy for dog's ear cleaning and drying
    Question Angy is a 20 week old lab pup. Cucomber melon OTIC, by ANM PARM was giving for the drying of angel's ear, rinse, (ever other day) to keep the ears clean and dry. Is there a home remedy for this. Also, is there a home remedy for a yeast infection RX was for Mometamax. Is there any thing to do without a prescription Thank you
  • What's wrong with my dog's ear?
    My dog has a little crust and is a little puffy on the lobe, and half way in the canal. What do I do?
  • Persistent dog ear problem
    I have several shih tzu. I took one to vet. They gave me ootamax said flush ears twice a day and put a couple drops of ottomax in. So I decided to remove the hair from all the dogs and start flushing and using the ottomax. The second day of doing that their ears look really red sore and swollen and gooey stuff so took one in to vet they gave me synotic said use twice a day 2 drops each time. They seem to be very tender and bothering them.Any suggestions would be great Thank you Pennie
  • Dog with fluid between skin of ear flap
    I just noticed that my dog has some type of fluid that's in between the skin of her ear flap. What is this caused by?
  • Dog ear problem with pink coloration?
    What is the healthy color of a dog's ear? My dog's ears are a little pink and I was told in the past by a vet that he had a ear infection. Thinking maybe it has returned. Thanks, Jack
  • Red bumpy rash on the inside of dog's ear?
    My 2yr old Lab/Retreiver started scratching at his ear a few days ago. I applied some antibotic ointment to see if it would clear it up but now it has turned into a red, rough rash on the inside of his ear. I went out of town for 5 days and left him with a friend who's dog is now showing the same kind of rash on his neck, except his is scabbing. What is it and how do I cure it?
  • Adaptive treatment or operation for deaf dogs?
    Hi I have a 2 year old deaf staffordshire bullterrier. I have had him since a pup and he has been deaf since birth as far as we are aware. Recently it has been playing on my mind... is there any tests that can determine his deafness and is there any treatments such as hearing aids or operations to correct hearing???
  • Crusty lumps on dog ears?
    My dog has hard crusty lumps at the ends of her ears. Do you know what this is? The lumps seem to be inside the ear but the crustiness has just started to show up. It seems to be getting worse and I'm worried.
  • Swollen dogs ear problems?
    The ear flaps of my Cocker Spaniel are swollen. Both ears are the same, the ear feels soft to touch as though there is fluid in the flap. Our dog does not appear to be in discomfort but does keeps shaking her head.
  • Is red in ears a symptom of dog ear infections?
    My dog's ears are red, and warm to the touch. They also look like she's been scratching at them. I thought she had ear mites so i gave her some ear medication for that, but it seems now that her ears are even redder than before. Any suggestions?
  • Are there any over the counter medications for a dog ear infection?
    Older Cocker spaniel with chronic ear infections...difficult to keep inside of ear flap shaved or trimmed. Is there anything OTC that works for the infection as well as for pain?
  • Dog ear: vasculitis symptoms?
    For the last month I have noticed that my Italian Greyhounds ears have crusty lesions on the periphery of her pinnea. On the left ear it looked as though an animal might have bitten her and then upon further examination it just fell off with zero bleeding and did not cause pain or itching at all. On the right ear there is a crusty area were the hair willingly falls off and appears to be almost necrotic or dead. Do these symptoms sound like potential vasculitis or something else?
  • Clean dog ears with hydrogen peroxide and get rid of ear mites?
    Can you put hydrogen peroxide in your dogs ears to clean them and to help get rid of ear mites?
  • My dog has a red ear, what's wrong?
    My dog's ear is red on the inside and has a waxy brown film on it.

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