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  • How to get rid of yellow greenish stuff in my dogs eye
    i have a chihuahua that some gave me and a yellow greenish stuff is always in her eye and can my other chihuahua get it from her how to get rid of
  • Dogs eye: scratched cornea
    My dogs are adopted. They have the same dad, but different mom's. We were told that we had to adopt both because they play so well together and they came from the same owner. At the time of the adoption, we noticed that one of the dogs had very bad tear staining under one eye. Upon closer examination, we saw that his cornea was separated. This was in his left eye. The dogs play so rough with each other and now the other eye has the same problem. Should we take him to a specialist?
  • My dog's eye is black.
    We have a dog who has unexplained bruising on its side which has resulted in a hematoma which needs to be drained. The dog also seems to have a black eye. No known trauma has happened to this dog. Is there something else that could be causing this?
  • Dogs eyes are shut after rolling eyelids in after surgery
    My dog did not have entropion until he had a surgery for his tear duct. Could the vet have caused the entropion? My dog had surgery to put his tear duct back in. He rolled his eyelids in after the surgery. The vet took the stitches out and he still rolled his lids. He was rolling them in so hard his eye shut all the way.
  • How long will it take for newborn puppies for there eyes to open
    my dog a chiwawa she just have 4 puppies and i want to know how long it will take for their eye to be open
  • Our dogs eye was popped out of its socket earlier today
    We rushed her to the vet. They put the eye back in and sewed her eye shut. She seems very uncoordinated and antsy at the same time should we be worried. What signs should we be watching for to know if she is in distress
  • Dog eye lid growth
    I got my dog his shots and a few days later took him to the groomers and shortly after his trip to the groomers he has developed a large sty on his lower lid and it seems to be getting bigger. What could have caused this and will it go away on its own?
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca-Any advice?
    My 8year old Lasa Apso has an ulcer in left eye along with Kerato conjuncitvitis Sicca. We have been to three vets and we have Polydex and cyclosporin. The dog hates the eye medicine and tries to bite. We have a small muzzle and the vet prescribed Valium. The stress of holding the dog still and getting the drops in is a major ordeal. I am going to consult with a dog behaviorist. If this does not work, I will have to send Teddy to dog heaven.I am out of answers, can you please help me?Thank you for your time.
  • My dog scratched his eye, question on the healing process?
    I noticed yesterday that my 8 month pug scratched his eye, and I brought him to the vet and received an ointment and a solution. How will he act during the healing process? he seems to just want to sleep and he is keeping that eye shut. it is watering quite a bit
  • Why does my dog have eye problems?
    She has red swollen eyes with a yellowish discharge, and also bumps on her lower lip. She is also NOT eating like normal. We also have two Cocker Spanials, all are inside pets. The Cockers have NO issues, and haven't ever had any other health issues.
  • My chihuahua dog has a lump underneath both her eyes what is it?
    i just happened to look at her face and there is a bump on each side right under her eyes . they are swollen my step dad says it might be her sinuses but i just want to make sure... please help me =[
  • My dog's eye was hit. Is it serious?
    My standard poodle got hit in the eye and it is a little bit cloudy, but she is acting normal. How soon do we need to get her to her vet?
  • My 11 year old dog has developed a bump under her eye
    My 11 year old blue heeler has developed a bump under her eye...it seems to be getting bigger. What could it be? Should I take her to a vet soon?
  • My dog has what I think was a stye on her upper eyelid.
    stye My dog has what think was a stye on her upper eyelid.... I used warm compresses soaked in calendula tea and it finally drained on it's own. There is hair loss in the area where the stye was. Is that normal and will the hair grow back? Also is it possible it could have been another type of infection like a infected hair follicle? Thank You, Robin
  • What is wrong with my dog's ears?
    My 4 1/2 yr old Yorkie had a dental cleaning on Aug 1st after which he was given antibiotics and had a lot of coughing that has subsided to about once a day. Two weeks later he had vaccinations done and was given a flea and tick preventative called First Shield. Normally he uses revolution. About 3-5 days later he developed a 1 inch scab inside both ears and he began biting and acting strange to some type of irritation on his backside. I took him to the vet and they said they did not know.
  • Cataract surgery 5 days ago has left my little dog totally blind
    Is there hope my dog will see? Cataract surgery 5 days ago has left my little dog totally blind. I am told there was much bleeding during a difficult surgery. I am keeping her totally quiet, giving her her meds. and wondering if I made the right decision. her ERG & ultrasound were good. She is 12 with no other health problems. Before surgery I was told she had loose lens which made the prognosis slightly less favourable. Could this resolve at all? I am aware there could be retinal detachments, but her eyes look so normal.
  • Our dog has an infection in both eyes
    need help with an infection our dog has an infection in both eyes. it pusses and bleeds. she is completely blind now. she is an 8 yr old catahoula. she still eats well and drinks water but is losing weight rapidly. it started in one eye and has spread to the other. penicillin shots have not helped at all
  • Dog has red eye but pink eye medication doesn't help
    Red eye that swells shut one day and looks fine the next day. Eye watering as well. Dog breed beagle. Vet presecribed cream for pink eye but not going away and continuously happening.
  • What can I do about a dog eye infection?
    My dog has green stuff coming out of one eye. The eye is red.
  • How can I test to see if dogs have better light or dark vision
    I need help for my science fair project, how can I test to see if dogs have better light or dark vision? Hi! I am an 8th grader doing a science fair project about dogs. Our focus question is "Is the lack of color perception in dogs compensated by better light/dark vision?" Can you tell us a way to test for that?
  • Can yorkshire terrier dog see much??? in color??
    can yourkshire terriers see much in color???
  • What are the signs of cataracts in dogs?
    my dog is having eye discharge and i think his eyes are looking a little differently. just wondering if he possibly has cataracts.
  • My dog has a BB sized bump on the front of her eyelid
    My 4 yr old shih poo has a BB sized bump on the front of her eyelid; its the same color as her skin and doesn't appear to be growing or itchy. his bump has been there for about a year. Now I just noticed today a new lump under the same eye, only this one looks like a mosquito bite or hive, its bigger, flatter, less round in shape and is redder. Any ideas on what these lumps might be?
  • Using NeoPolyDex drops for preventive treatment of canine glaucoma?
    My dog has had surgery for glaucoma in one eye, and is on a combo of NeoPolyDex drops and Timolol drops to help prevent the problem in her good eye. Because NeoPolyDex is an anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory, I question why is useful for the prevention of glaucoma (I do understand why the Timolol is necessary: to keep the eyeball pressure down). Do these two meds have to be used together? Do I have to use NeoPolyDex at all? Why?
  • My dog's eyes are cloudy and shine in the light. What does that mean?
    I have a one year old Dachshund named Meme one day I noticed that her eyes were very cloudy, but I didn't think anything of it. The next day I noticed when I called to her she walked very slowly and ran into the wall a couple of times. When she made it to her bowl she seemed to not be able to find it, even when it was right in front of her. The weirdest symptom is that when she goes outside to use the bathroom, she runs around like nothing is wrong with her.
  • My bulldogs has a polyp in the corner of her eye
    My bulldogs has a polyp in the corner of her eye. Is this something I should have checked by a veterinarian? Female 4 year old spayed female bulldog with red polyp pinhead size in inside corner of right eyelid.
  • My german shepherd puppy rolls her eyes back in her eyes
    my German shepherd puppy rolls her eyes back in her eyes sometimes what could this mean I've noticed especially when she lays down she does this. She is also has issues with her legs I believe. From our vet we have received prednisone and another medicine for diarrhea. She is a very special needs dogie. We love her very much!!!
  • My german shepherd puppy, we believe is partially blind.
    My German shepherd puppy, we believe is partially blind. What could partial blindness be from? We do know she was the runt of the litter. She weighs only 32 lbs at 9 mos.
  • My pug has only one eye do I need to take him to the vet?
    he was like this when I adopted him at the age of two. Before, his missing eye had the appearance of winking, being more sunk in. Now it seems to be bulging out. the swollen area feels hard to the touch. Is this something I need to take him to a vet for, or is his normal? Thanks, Django.
  • The white part of my dogs eye is all bloody, what should I do?
    We woke up this morning and the white part of my dogs eye is all bloody. He had some white left in his eye but as the day has gone the whole white part is bloody, what can I do?
  • How do I stop my dog eyes from being swollen
    my dog was outside and when i came back ants were all over her and than her eyes start getting swollen and closing what can i do
  • Dog has smelly eyes and what can be done to fix it?
    What causes smelly eyes and what can be done to fix it? The dog is a bishon cross with big eyes. There is a constant odor similar to stinky feet or vomit. We are dog-sitting this little one but interested in an answer.
  • How much solution to treat eye discharge from my dog
    How much contact solution should I use to treat yellow discharge from eyes My little dog has a yellow discharge from his eye! It was really bad this morning
  • What will stop the eye discharge in my dog?
    My dog is 15, she is almost blind and we have to wipe a green discharge from her eyes daily. The vet said we can't stop it as it's just her body fighting infection. Is there any product that can help?
  • My puppy has eye problems. What do I do?
    My 10 week old puppy has a red eye infection, she was unable to open her eyes. I used pink eye medication for humans, and I let her sleep with that overnight. Now her eye opens half way but its gray; is that a good sign? Do I take her to the vet?
  • My dog has a rash around his nose and eyes. what is it?
    My dog has a rash around his nose and eyes. what is it? dog
  • Dog has swollen and Sensative eyes
    My Shitzu is 7 years and her eyes are swollen and she seems to be sensitive to light. Could this be allergies?
  • Can draining a dog hematoma cause a black eye?
    We have a dog who has unexplained bruising on its side which resulted in a hematoma which must be surgically drained. The dog also seems to have a black eye. No known trauma has happened to the dog. Is there something else that could be causing this?
  • Blackish film over my dogs eyes can it cause blindness
    i have a Pomeranian she is 9 months old, she has got a blackish film over her eyes can it cause blindness, what is it can it be corrected
  • My golden retriever puppy to young for Entropion surgery?
    I have a 6.5 month old golden retriever puppy whose lower eyelid is rolling inward. At first it was thought to be an eye infection and we administered drops as instructed. After putting the green dye in her eye, it is believed to be Entropion. Is it best to treat the Entropion now or wait until she is finished growing? Is the eye at risk if we wait to have the surgery?
  • my dog lost the ability to see or to understand objects
    see or understand objects second later has problems with his balance , constantly hurting him self by bumping into the walls doors table etc... he had an ear infection 3 month ago which was miss diagnose he was treated for muscle problems. the ear infection got to the point that he stop seeing or walking. now that the ear problem finally taken care of, he lost his focus. seeing or understand object second later, restless and very sleepy. Doctors have no idea what is going on with him. Please help me with your answer. My dog he is male 2 years old Pit/boxer mix. Could that be because his ear infection was treated too late?
  • What do I do for my dog with eye problems?
    My dog has what looks like film over the center of both of his eyes. It has been there for several days now. Is this a serious medical problem? We are going to our vet tomorrow, but I am just curious if anyone here has any input as to what might be going on?
  • Discharge with cloudy film over dog eye
    Blue Heeler is having eye discharge and a cloudy film over her eye. What do I do? We have tried saline solution and a warm wash cloth.
  • Dog eyes are red around
    My dog eyes have red around the outside of each eye. She is a yorkie and has reddness around each eye. It is bloody red. What could it be? What can I do for her I will take to the vet tomorrow.
  • Sudden dog blindness for Rottweilier (DOB:Jan 4,2010 female). What do I do?
    Tues Jul 27: Noticed reduced hearing and eyes had some discharge.Wed:Dog very weak, refused to eat, massive hair loss began.Thur: Dog wont move, difficulty breathing,V et treats for worms with levamisole, and possible poisoning with atropine.Fri: Looks better. No appetite, drank small milk.Sat: Atropine, prenisolone & B-complex. Eyes still heavy with discharge. Sun: Dog's sight is gone! Eyes cloudy white.Mon: Vet shocked, gives prazivet & Terra Cortril eyedrops 3x/dayThurs: Not better. Inject with Ivermectin?
  • Lump underneath my dog's eye?
    My 5 year old Bichon Frise Callie has a large lump under her right eye, about the size of a quarter, that developed over night. It doesn't seem to cause her pain when I touch it, but it is close enough to her eye that the eye is slightly shut. She's less energetic than usual, and she won't lie with that side of her face on the ground. What could this lump be?
  • Dog eyes problems from pest spray?
    The day after the bugman sprayed for pests, my dogs eyes have been swollen(swelling is gone now), cloudy and have had discharge.
  • Dog's eyes bloodshot with green discharge
    My 8mth old collies eye is bloodshot. He also has a little bit green stuff on it in morning. What can this be?
  • Pug Eyes and NeoPolyDex, ok for long term use?
    New vet is at the pet hospital I take my dogs to. I have a two male pugs, one 7 1/2 yrs and the other 4 1/2 yrs. Both have discoloration of the eyes. Old vet said this was normal with Pugs. New vet prescribed NeoPolyDex for both 2-3x daily. Said it would be a lifetime medication. The medication appears to be an antibiotic and corticosteroid. It appears to be for acute use. I need to know if this is a safe medication for "lifetime" use.Thank you!
  • What causes leisons on dog's eyes?
    My 3 year old pug has developed leisons on both of her eyes. They did a test and they aren't ulcers. The first one grew 1mm in 2 months and she has now developed a 2nd one within those 2 months, what can be causing this?
  • Dog's eyes are severely swollen. What could be wrong?
    I have a 14 month old femal fawn boxer. I know she has allergies but this has never happened. Her eyes are swollen to the point where they are almost swollen shut. I am wondering if it is just her allergies or if it could be something more severe. Please help me. I am really worried.
  • Outcome if leave inclusion cyst in dog eye
    Boxer 11 years old large inclusion cyst coming out of eye ball. What is the outcome if left and how long?
  • Dog eye is cloudy and the other red
    My dog has had eye problems ever since we have had him. Our vet has no idea what is wrong with him though. One is a little cloudy but the other is pure red. They just tell us to keep giving him eye drops and that just doesn't seem to help anything.I am just really worried about him. he always runs into things. it makes me sad just looking at him. What do you think it could be? What is some advise that we should do for my dog? -Jen & Beans-
  • Intravitreal gentamicin injections for dog glaucoma?
    I have an 11 yr old cocker spaniel who has been diabetic for 2 1/2 years. He had cataracts which have now turned into glaucoma. He is blind in both eyes and the vet opthamologist wants to do Intravitreal Gentamicin Injections in both eyes as his IOP was 69. I want to know if I should do this procedure or put my dog down? What will his quality of life be given his current conditions?
  • Is not dilating one of dogs eye problems?
    IMy dog was bumping into things so I asked the vet who shone a light into them and they do not dilate completely. He wants me to go to a specialist. I am very nervous and it takes a while to get an appointment with the specialist. What might this be?
  • Can dogs see color?
    Do dogs see black and white, or in color?
  • Helping a blind dog cope
    My dog has gone blind over the past 9 wks. She is 8yr old lab/pit mix. Please help- I dont know what to do for her. What can I do to help her until payday?
  • What are the causes of swollen dog eyes?
    My dog Chihuahua is swollen under her left eye and can hardly eat.
  • Cleaning pollen from dog's eyes
    Dog's eyes are full of pine tree pollen. What do I clean them with?
  • Swollen eyes on puppy taking steroids. What to do?
    He is now being weaned off the steroids but we notice that his eyelids are sometimes swollen and red. I think this is because he has no hair around his eyes to protect them from dust and dirt but my husband is worried that it is a continuing illness or another cause. Should we wait until he is off the steroids to see if his immune system kicks in and heals? He is currently down to one dose a day for a week, then 1 dose every 2 days for 3 doses.
  • Info on canine glaucoma
    A "regular" vet diagnosed it in both eyes of a 12 yr old Jack Russell. Should I have an Opthamologist confirm?
  • Can dogs see well with one eye?
    My dog may loose her eye due to an ulcer. I was wondering if this will affect her badly or will she be able to adapt with one good eye?
  • Growth under dog eye
    Our 18yr old Shih Zu has developed a growth under her right eye about the size of a ping pong ball and we wondering what it might be. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
  • Dog has yellow eye discharge
    My dog has a yellow eye discharge but no wetness under the eyes. Could this be an allergy? His eyes are not red. Started few days ago after playing in a pond.
  • What do dark circles around dog eyes signify?
    The dog has dark cirlces aroud both eyes and looks like a racoon.
  • My dog's eye is puffy
    Over the last week I have noticed the my dog has a puffy irritated eye and the other eye is fine. I was wondering if you knew what might be the problem.
  • Discharge and swollen dog eyes
    A friend's dog has a discharge of mucus in the eye with swelling- apparently contagious. Now my dog has the same symptoms.What is this?

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