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  • Can humans get tapeworm from a pet from the eggs or egg sack?
    I just got a puppy two weeks ago and I noticed that there were worms in his poop. The worms looked like they were little grains of rice. Do you think that it is a tapeworm? Also can humans become infected with tapeworm from the eggs or egg sack? I have a little one who has Down syndrome and Autism and I am very concerned that she, myself, or my family may become infected with worms. Is this a concern for me or am I overreacting?
  • Can a dog give another dog a cold?
    My lab has a cough, not kennel cough. The vet said give him kids cough syrup now my beagle has a cough too. Could he have given it to her?
  • Can dogs get bacterial vaginosis from humans?
    This is a very embarrassing question, but I must ask for my dog's sake I have had bacterial vaginosis and I did not think of this until today, but my dog sometimes will get into my laundry basket and steal my underwear. I will do something with them from now on, but is there any way she could have received a bacterial infection as well? She is not acting abnormal, but her snout smelled "off" earlier and I want to know what signs to watch for. I am terribly embarrassed, but I don't want to ignore the possibility. Thank you!
  • Put my dog down when city resources won't help
    My dog is dying he can't move and is only drinking water . The city of Barstow CA won't come out and help me because I live in the county. The county won't come help me and the dog is lying there suffering. He is too big for me to put in a vehicle and am handicapped. How can I put him out of his misery!!! What can I do?
  • Dog with hemangiosarcoma bad near children?
    My dog Carolina was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Should I be concerned with her saliva getting on my young children?
  • Can you board a dog if she might have earmites?
    I think our dog has ear mites. she doesn't scratch but at the bottom of her floppy ears, it's flaky and crusty white. We have to board her in 2 weeks, will they still let us?
  • Info on a mixed dog that is crossed between chow and labrador
    I would like to know more about chow crossed with labrador , Are they aggressive?
  • Dog healthcare: removing poison from yard?
    My neighbor is trying to poison my dogs! The lady across the street has had two dogs poisoned and heard from a friend that the man living next to us bragged about poisoning them. He mentioned to this person that whatever he used killed the grass also. We have a large area of dead grass next to our fence and I'm terrified for our dogs! Iis there a way to treat the yard so the dogs will be safe without knowing what it is he used?
  • Child has fever from touching a squirrel?
    I feel like a bad parent even asking this but here goes... my 9 year old son has been holding a wild Golden Mantel Squirrel while on vacation. Two days ago my son became sick with typical flu like symptoms, throwing up and fever. he still has a fever. I realized that I have NOT been making him wash his hands after holding this animal. Could his illness and his contact with this animal be related? He has not been bitten or anything - he does pet it and one time rubbed his nose on its fur.TX
  • Can inhaling the dog fur hurt my kids?
    I have three kids. The oldest is just five and I have a Golden Retriever (Dog) that is shedding very badly. Can inhaling the fur hurt my kids?
  • Paint in dog water bowl
    Would it be ok to let me dog use her watering can for her cage if it had been misplaced in a sink that had paint in it for a period of time. I cleaned it with soap and hot water, but I am afraid she might get sick from the paint that might have been left that I didn't see. Thank you, Annelle
  • How to disinfect house after dog parvo?
    Our puppy is in the hospital to be treated for parvo. Our adult (vaccinated) shih tzu is so far fine and at home. What is the best way to disinfect carpets and upholstered furniture? Everyone says chlorine bleach is the only thing. Basically: we will do whatever's necessary to disinfect from parvo, but would like to not destroy carpets & furniture if possible. (Parvo puppy was never on furniture, but our adult dog has been) What would you do? Thanks, Case
  • Dog in hot tub ok?
    Is it OK to let our two Bischon's get into our hot tub with us? They are 1-1/2 & 2-1/2 years old. Thanks!
  • Traveling with dogs?
    I'm moving from California to Arizona and am worried about driving with my 3 year old dog. She likes short drives in my lap but I'm not sure she can do a long ride in a carrier. What are some options I have?
  • Can canine worms pass readily to humans?
    Can canine worms pass readily to humans? What effects do these have and is it dangerous to the human?
  • Can humans get giardia from dogs?

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