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  • Dog has been holding up hind leg, torn tendon?
    Does a dog hold its hind leg up when it has a torn tendon ?
  • My dog has a snake bite.
    My dog was bitten by a snake a day ago. What should I do since I don't have the money to bring her to the vet? She seems to be doing fine but were the snake bit her on the paw, her hole leg is swollen. What can i do to make it go down?
  • My dog is hurt.
    My dog got hurt. It can't stand on its back legs and at times lots of water comes from behind. hurt puppy
  • My dog has a lump on her rib cage
    My 1.5 year old Chihuahua fell down stairs and ran in to 2 tables, she now has a lump on the side of her near her rib cage. It wasn't there before the fall.
  • My dog ate pills. Will she be okay?
    i think my dog got a hold of pills and is acting weird. What can I do until I can get her to a vet?
  • Blood in dogs vomit from a cut. How to fix?
    Dog has a small cut on upper lip and is throwing up all his food and blood. What do I need to do?
  • Dog first aid: my dog ate motrin what do I do?
    My dog got my bottle of adult motrin and I think she ate some, what do I do? She has been vomiting on her own and I don't have the money to take her to a vet until the end of the week.
  • What to do when a dog gets stung by a bee
    What to do with a dog bee sting what do i do
  • Pain relief for cut paw
    My schnauzer puppy cut his paw on the pad, not severely, but he acts like it is hurting. Can I give him aspirin? He is 10 months and 20 lbs
  • Dog licked Amitraz dip concentrate, what to do?
    amitraz dip concentrate liq B.P> vet 12.5% 5ml in 1lt of water to kill ticks & fleas and I think that my dog lick it. Now she is not feeling good plz tel me what to do
  • First aid to a dogs broken nails
    My neighbor's kid stepped on my pugs nail breaking it off. I stopped the bleeding and wrapped it in gauze and an ace bandage to protect it from being licked by my dog. But it seems that my pug is in pain, can I give baby asprin for the pain? what will the vet do that I haven't already done?
  • My dog was scratched by a cat on leg
    My boxer dog was scratched by a cat today on his leg that is pretty deep. I cleaned the area and now he is limping on it and the area seems to be swelling. Should I rush him to the vet or is this something I can keep an eye on and perform some sort of home remedy?
  • What should I give my dog for leg pain?
    I have a yorkie who got 3 vaccines today. She is dragging her back leg. Should I give her Children's Tylenol or something else for the pain; if so, what is the dosage? What do you recommend? Thank you!
  • A few dog stitches bitten off
    My dog had stitches from surgery due to a groomer cut one week ago. He bit the bottom few stitches off and a bit of bleeding occurred. Can I bandage him until tomorrow when I can see my vet or should I get him to animal emergency?
  • Treatment for bleeding dog paw pads after a hike?
    The underside of our dogs paws were rubbed raw while we were on a hike, how should we treat this? His paws are bleeding a little.
  • Dog spinal injury?
    My dog is a beagle mix and is about 10 years old. While playing, my labradoodle who is much larger landed on her back. She let out a huge yelp and has been injured for two days now. Her back is hunched up a little near her rear and when she walks her hind legs cross. When you touch her she is trembling all over, but she dosent whine or yelp because of pain. I don't have the funds to take her to the vet right away, but she looks as if she is very hurt and I believe she needs x-rays.
  • How do I prevent an infection if my dog has just lost a nail?
    My dgo had been limping around the house and was licking is one foot. Every time I tried to look at it he would pull away. I then noticed that his "thumb" was bleeding all around the nail. About an hour later I noticed that the nail had completely fallen off. I am concerned about infection and if the nail will ever grow back.
  • How can I check if my puppy has torn a tendon in her front right leg?
    Between her paw and elbow I can feel a loose "cable". It feels as though something is detached between the "elbow" and "wrist". Although she doesn't show any sign of pain, unless we touch the affected area. (Since the initial injury, it has gotten better and worse twice inside of a week.) Should we keep her as still as possible until we can take her in?
  • My dog ate burned wood chips (actually Bradley smoker bisquettes)
    My miniature schnauzer ate burned wood chips (actually Bradley smoker bisquettes) and spent the night regurgitating some of them. She is now licking her rear. I think the chips would be small enough to pass, if broken up. We are ~12 hrs since ingestion, should I be concerned?
  • Dog just ate her vetropolycin what should I do?
    My dog just ate her vetropolycin not sure what I should do?
  • What to do if dog has multiple wasp stings?
    I was walking my dog in the near by woodland area when my dog found a wasp nest. The wasps started to sting her and she started yelping. My dog had about 6 wasps on her. I have pulled out 3 stings from her one on her paw one on her side and the other on her arm pit. Is there anything i can do to reduce the swelling or to help reduce the pain and is there any symptoms to look out for?
  • My dog ate cigarettes, will she be oK?
    My dog ate a pack of cigarettes and I worried that this will hurt her. What should I do?
  • Is synthroid bad for dogs?
    Dog ate synthroid 0.025 dose 15 pills. Will this hurt her? She is a golden doodle, 50 pounds.
  • Treating a dog that my have ingested blue green algae toxins?
    I think my dog (6 lb Yorkie) may have ingested blue green algea toxins. This would have been nearly 48 hours ago, she is very lethargic but no seizures. She doesn't want to eat. What do I need to do and what can a vet do?
  • Cut on dog leg. Is it serious?
    My dog cut her leg, I cleaned it with peroxide and put neosporin on it and bandaged it up with gauze and medical tape. If she were a human she would probably need a stitch or two. Do you think she will be fine if I can stop the bleeding? At what point do I know she should get stitches? Also, she is up to date on her rabies shot but is there a tetnis shot or something like that I should make sure she is up to date on?
  • Immobilizing a dog leg
    My dog was ran over two days ago and the vet took x-rays and she has a broken leg right at the shoulder but they didn't wrap it up so that she couldn't walk on it so now we are trying to figure out how to do it.
  • First aid: dog hit by a car?
    My dog got hit by a car. I need to know what to do. We can't take her to the vet because we're hours away. What can we do to stabilize her condition before moving her?
  • Dog's nail is lost, what to do?
    My Pitbull lost a nail. What do I do ?
  • Is Potassium Gluconate the same as Vitamin K in treating rat poison ingestion?
    I can't find Vitamin K locally - will potassium gluconate work?
  • First aid procedure for a dog snake bite?
    My dog was bit by a copperhead. Common cure? What to do?
  • Dog has snake bite, what to do?
    What do I do my dog has been snake bitten? Her foot is swollen.
  • My dog cut his leg, should I try to clean it or bandage it?
    My dog cut his leg today in the pasture. I am not sure exactly when he did it since he spend most of his time running around. He is not bleeding but some skin is hanging off. Should I try to clean it or bandage it? If so, what should I use and what's the process?

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