Hormone and Endocrine

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  • What can I do to prevent inflamed pancreatic with a dog
    inflamed pancreatic what can I do to prevent this from happening again?
  • My dog's neck has swollen glands, what's going on??
    I have noitced my vizsla has swollen glands on both sides of his neck. They about the size of an egg. He is still eating, but wines like a typical Vizsla. He's very active for 10 years old. Will this go away by themselves or is a vet visit required?
  • My dog this morning had a slight swelling in one of her lymph nodes
    A swollen lymph node... warm, dry nose now cold and wet after waking up? 've been very paranoid about my dog after my first one died. My baby I've had for a year now I noticed this morning had a slight swelling in one of her lymph nodes. At the time her nose felt dry,but she was obviously annoyed with me so I stopped messing with her. Now her nose is cold and wet again. She isn't acting lethargic, her appetite is the same, and her water intake too. No vomit, same healthy looking leavings. Playful as ever. What should I do?
  • My dog has symptoms of cushng disease
    canine cushing disease my Shih Tzu has the systoms of this disease but I can't afford for the test for it my vet say it is $500.00. Will it hurt her if I treat with online cheaper medicine
  • I have a dog with cushing disease is there anything I can do
    I have dog with cushing disease is there any thing I can get or do to help him with the hot spells he has i have a dog with cushing,s disease is there any thing i can do for him to help with the hot spells that he has thank you
  • How accurate are liver levels tests for my dog?
    my 5yr old lab had low thyroid discovered. The vet checked her liver levels, which were fine and put her on thyroid meds. 6 weeks later he rechecked her liver levels and said all was fine. The next day she vomited. It spiraled out of control and after tons of emergency vet work & surgery, she was gone 6 days laterliver disease, they said hepatitus. Liver was "a little small" and firm. Did not show striations.
  • What is going on with this dog's heat cycle?
    I have an 8 year old bitch and at the end of her heat cycle i have noticed brownish coloration and some puss as i change out her diapers. What could be the cause of this change? She is about three weeks into the cycle.
  • My 8 week Golden retriever puppy has Hypothyroidism
    My 8 week Golden retriever puppy has Hypothyroidism. My vet says we need to make a choice about what to do. Our breeder will not help us or now return our calls. She is anemic, dwarfed, has black legs and belly, tounge out all the time, high cholesterol and is now being force fed through seringe. Should we start the meds? Will that actually help her. I forgot to mention that she is only 4lbs....so small. Will the meds give her a normal life or is the best thing to do is put her to sleep?
  • What can cause an inflamed larynx in dogs
    I have a 4 yrs old rottie with an inflamed larynx. Had a fever of 103.8 and just wasn't herself. I have already spent 1000.00 and my vet says he has never seen anything like this in his 40 years. Lymph nodes are fine blood work shows nothing and xrays show no tumors. she has been treated with prednisone and 2 different types of antibiotics. finished prednisone this am and has 3 more days of antibiotics. she still not the dog she used to be..any ideas?
  • How to treat 1 yr old dog with enlarged lymph node under jaw
    We have hot packed for 3 wks waiting for it to point. Vet says he will then drain and antibiotics. L.N. gets bigger and smaller. Second opinion please.
  • Does excessive dog shedding occur with addisons disease?
    my dog is being treated for Addisons. she has started shedding excessively. is this related to the disease?
  • dog symptoms exhibit when the thyroid is under active
    What symptoms does a dog have if the thyroid is under active?
  • Right course of treatment for dog with thyroid problem and a nail bed infection
    I have a 3yr old English Springer (28kg) who has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and is on soloxine. At the same time he started limping and his nails are lifting. vet has removed 4 nails and a swab revealed staphylococcus pseudointermedius. He has been 2 weeks on synulox and 1 week on baytril but does not appear to be improving. Is not limping but reluctant to move. Am not walking dog and am bathing feet in hibiscrub and giving rimadyl for pain relief and is wearing a cone to stop licking.
  • Location of dog lymph nodes?
    I was rubbing spoogie's (the dog) right armpit while he was laying on his side with his head in my lap. When I ran my hand in the armpit crease from his chest towards his shoulder, just past the crease I felt a lump, it feels like a cyst.He didn't mind my probing the lump and it didn't feel super hard it is about the circumfrence of a silver dollar. Is there a lymph node in that area or could it be an abscess? Either way not good, but I want to be prepared when I take him to the vet...
  • Is hypothyroidism in dogs a heriditary problem?
    I am researching Giant Schnauzer breeders and found that some test for thyroid. My last giant schnauzer had hypothyrodism. I know that largerer breeds are more susceptible. Is hypothyroidism a heriditary problem?
  • My dog's overweight due to hypothyroidism
    My 5 1/2 year old Lab was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on medication twice a day for the rest of her life. She is hot all the time, luckily we have a pool so she regularly cools herself off. She is on weigh control food and is very active but she has not dropped a pound in over 2.5 months on the meds. She seems so uncomfortable, due to her weight. What I can do to help her drop some weight as diet and meds are not working?

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