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  • White worms in pet's stool
    I recently noticed small white worms in my pet's stool. I would like to know what type of worms they are and what treatment is necessary. Approx. 16 year old Llapso Also Female - Recently tested for heart worm but the results were negative. Pet currently on heart worm treatment. Recently found out my home had extensive black mold & bacterias (ecoli) due to a sewer back-up in July 2009. Home was not properly dry-out after sewer back-up & moisture caused the black mold to grow. Several strains of bacteria also circulated thru out home via ac ducts. Home has now been treated properly. During this time, I was also tested & treated for parasites.
  • Is heart worm the same as round worm for a dog
    The vet provided meds for heart worm but she also talks about round worm? I am getting now additional meds for giardia that need to be administered.
  • How can I get rid of dog worms for good?
    I'm having trouble with my 5 month old chihuahua mix puppy, Lola. She's a rescue, so she wasn't properly taken care of in her first few weeks of life. She's been dewormed twice, and treated for coccidia as well. I, once, managed to pull a nearly ten inch long worm from her rear. However, it was only a few weeks ago that small worms stopped appearing in her stool. Today, she vomitted and there was a worm in it, about 5 inches long. But, this worm is shaped completely differently from all the others: more tube-like. Please tell me what's going on, and what I can do to stop it.
  • My dog is having an adverse reaction to heart worm injections
    my dog get the injectionfor heart warm last friday the first one the next day the second. today he cough with a litter of blood What i should do? My dog got infeccted with heart worms last friday he got the first injection and next day the second for treatment like minutes a go he cough with a litter blood is been a week. What should I do? he is a german shepher 20month of age
  • Dog heartworm meds are consistantly used-still need to take to vet annually??
    We live in an area where mosquitos are rare. My vet started my dog on HeartGard last year. I have had the dog on the med continuously. Now the vet says I need to have her tested every year. Is that right?
  • Heartworms
    I live in CO at 9000 ft so HW's are a non-issue. We visited family in TX for 2 wks - my mom gave me some heartgard + for my 12 yr old dog (prescription for her dog, same size & weight) W/in hours he became lethargic, couldn't seem to lift his tail, depressed, lost weight, etc. We took him to the vet & had a "weak" pos. on the HW test. Due to age we decided not to treat. 30 days after the HW pill he's doing great, back to normal. Vet says the pill had no side effects. Not sure what to do now.
  • My dog has long spaghetti like worms that curl?
    my sons puppy just past in his stool very (that also didn't look like stool in appearance)long white like spaghetti worms that curl. The first time this happen. What are they, and is this dangerous to us, my son?
  • Heartworm treatment for a 13 month old puppy
    My 13 month old pup was just diagnosed with heartworms. The vet told me he has both male, female, and babies. He shows no signs of being sick. He weighs 64 lbs. I have discovered there are two treatments: 1, two injections of Immiticide in two days, then kenneled and kept quite for one month. 2, a drug to kill the males, then preventative every month to kill any new infections, so the females die of old age. Which treatment would be best? I am very worried about keeping this dog quiet! Thanks.
  • Does my dog have a block from a heart worm after treatment
    How quickly do you know if your dog has a block from a heart worm after treatment My dog just started hw tretment and got out of the room he I quaranteened to. Is it obvious if there is a problem right away or does it take some time? What is the time frame? If it's been 5 hrs and he seems fine is he out of the woods?
  • is loss of appetite normal after dog deworming?
    hi.. I dewormed my dog a few days ago, and since then she gets very choosy with food and lost her appetite. Is this normal? What should i do?
  • Can you give a 4 week old puppy sanium if he has tape worm
    worming a puppy with sanium the vet told me to cut it in quarters and give each puppy a quarter tablet
  • What should I do for the worm treatment for my dog?
    My adopted dog received the two shot regimen instead of the three from the rescue organization three months ago. How concerned should I be that he will test positive for adults when I retest in 6 months? I heard the 3 shot regimen is better. He is negative for Microfaria and is on preventative.
  • Dog still vomiting after giving over the counter dewormer, is this normal?
    We noticed the other day fecal in the hallway and in it the was a worm. We knew from previous vets that is was round worm. We went to store to get dewormer meds for the dog. Gave him the pill and he continues to throw up. He is drinking but not eating, is this normal ?
  • Ringworm dog question. Ringworm in puppy boxer. What to do?
    We have a 10 week old male boxer puppy. The breeder gave us the puppy with the ringworm and admitted to all the puppies AND mom being infected with ringworm. We've been applying Lotrimin to the affected area, as recommended by the breeder and their vet, but its now spread to the top of his head. Do we need to give him some kind of oral medication? And then what about the rest of us? We've been loving all over him, he's been sleeping with us too. Help!
  • My dog vomited worms
    could he have caught it from doggy daycare? What kind of worms are they if he vomited them?
  • Dog anal bleeding after deworming. Should I take him to the vet?
    My 8 week old siberian husky pup was wormed yesterday. He now has diarrhea and is straining when he wants to poo. I noticed a small amount of blood on his bum after his last attempt to poo. Should I take him to the vet? Brodie
  • Common side effects of dog dewormer?
    Hello. Could you tell me the more common side effects for canine de-wormers including but not limited to heartworm? Also, are there more side effects after using an otc medication v.s. one obtained at a veterinarian's? Thank you
  • Can dogs take horse dewormer?
    My puppy is passing live worms and the person I bought her from said the dog has been wormed on her 2,4 and 6wks of life. So how is it possible that she's passing live worms instead of deAd worms if the last time she administered strongid was last week. I don't have money for a vet visit and I don't want Bella to die. My question is can I give her a horse dewormer and is it more effective then canine wormer?
  • Dog tapeworms infectious after starting meds?
    My puppy has tapeworms, and we gave her the first dose of medicine for it yesterday. Is it alright for her to play with another dog tonight, as long as the other dog doesn't eat her poop? Or will the other dog contract it just by being around her? Thanks!
  • Percentage of dog survival on heartworm treatment?
    What percentage of dogs survive/dont survive heartworm treatment? My dog is undergoing treatment and I'm worried she wont make it because of stories I've been told. Are there any statistics that pertain to this?
  • What is the best heartworm medication for dogs small in size?
    Looking at adopting a dachshund/schnauzer mix puppy about two months old and would like to know what medicine is the best and how any times I should delivery the medicine?
  • How long before dog heartworm symptoms show?
    How long can a dog have heartworms before symptoms of the dog heartworms can be seen?

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