Viokase for Dogs

Viokase for dogs is a pancreatic enzyme medication given to animals who are suffering from pancreatic insufficiency disorder. Viokase aids in the digestive process of the body and will help your pet overcome the symptoms associated with pancreatic insufficiency disorder. The generic name for Viokase is Pancrelipase. When used as directed, Viokase for dogs can be an effective treatment for pancreatic insufficiencies in the body. 

Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder in Dogs

Although Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder is somewhat uncommon in dogs, the disease can be very serious and potentially life-threatening in your pet if left untreated. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to developing the disorder, and canines with this condition will need prompt veterinary care. 

The pancreas is a very important part of your pet's body, as it regulates blood sugar levels and produces insulin in the body. The pancreas also assists in the process of breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and protein within the body. When your pet has a pancreatic insufficiency, however, the pancreas will not perform these duties as it should. When this happens, symptoms can be very severe and deadly when left untreated or ignored. 

Commons symptoms of the disorder may include:

  • an increase in appetite
  • weight loss
  • gas
  • bloating
  • hair loss
  • dry skin
  • stomach rumbling noises

Diarrhea or very loose stools can also be seen in dogs with the condition, and stools are often foul-smelling and light in color. 

Viokase for Dogs Overview

Viokase contains pancreatic enzymes that will aid in the digestive processes of dogs suffering from pancreatic insufficiency disorder. Viokase contains several ingredients such as protease, amylase, peptidases, and elastase, and these ingredients are all useful in the pancreatic digestive process of dogs. Pancreatic insufficiency disorder is characterized by the absence of enzymes needed to break down food in the stomach, resulting in food materials passing through the feces and intestines undigested. The regular use of Viokase will prevent this from happening by providing the needed enzymes to break down food materials. 

Possible Side Effects of Viokase for Dogs

Like most drugs, Viokase can produce mild side effects in certain animals. Your dog may experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and an increase in appetite while taking Viokase. The drug should not produce any serious side effects unless it is given in high doses. 

Certain dogs may be allergic or sensitive to Viokase. Discontinue use if your pet shows any signs of an allergic reaction to the drug, and consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. Canines who are allergic to the proteins found in pork should not be given Viokase. 

Viokase and Dosages

Pet owners may purchase Viokase in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 ounce bottles to 12 ounces containers. Viokase is available in powder form, and should be added to wet dog food. It is important that the powder is fully mixed with the food to ensure the drug attaches to the food. After mixing the powder with the moist food, the mixture should sit for about 20 minutes before feeding, as it allows for the drug to incubate. 

The dosage amount needed for your pet will depend on your pet's size and severity of his condition. It is best to contact a veterinarian concerning dosage amounts to ensure your pet is never given too little or too much of the drug.