Weak Bladder in Dogs

A weak bladder in dogs can cause urinary incontinence and is more common in female dogs. The symptoms of a weak bladder may include frequent urination and the loss of control over urination, so your pet may urinate even in the house, even if properly trained.

The condition can be caused by various diseases and may be treated in some cases.

Causes of Weak Bladder in Dogs

A weak bladder is often mistaken for urinary issues that occur as a manifestation of behavioral problems. The dog may urinate in the house as a sign of disobedience or in certain areas to mark his territory.

If the dog suffers from incontinence, the causes may be among the followings:

  • Infections of the urinary tract; if the dog has recurrent infections, this can lead to the weakening of the bladder
  • The dog drinks too much water and in time, the bladder can weaken; the excess water drinking may be caused by an underlying disease such as diabetes, kidney failure or hyperthyroidism
  • Weakening of the bladder sphincter, more common in female dogs; this may be due to a lack of sexual hormones such as estrogen
  • An injury or disease of the spinal cord or a damage in the lumbar area

Symptoms of a Dog Weak Bladder

A dog with a weak bladder may urinate in the house; he may only release a few drops of urine, as he cannot control his bladder.

Depending on the cause of weak bladder the dog may present additional symptoms such as increased thirst or straining to urinate. In the case of spinal cord damage, the dog may be disabled or have coordination problems.

Diagnosing Weak Dog Bladder

A urinalysis or urine culture will be typically enough to have a clear diagnosis. However, there may be need for a radiograph as well. A blood panel may also be helpful when identifying the causes of a weak bladder.

Treatment and Management Options

A bladder or urinary infection can be cured with antibiotic treatment, but the dog needs to be monitored to see if the infection is not recurrent.

Surgery may be a solution if the dog is affected by the weakening of the bladder sphincter; however, the surgery may bear a few risks. In some cases, hormonal therapy may be recommended before resorting to surgery.

If the urinary incontinence is caused by an underlying condition, this should be dealt with.

In some cases, the urinary incontinence can be reversed.

If the condition cannot be treated in any way, you will have to get dog diapers, which are available, both for male and female dogs. These diapers will be easy to apply and will keep the dog dry for the day. You will have to change these diapers regularly.

Preventing Weak Bladder

A weak bladder may be prevented in some cases. Make sure you treat all urinary infections in time and notice any abnormalities when it comes to your pet’s urination schedule and amount of urine eliminated.