What Does It Cost to Declaw a Cat?

There are a lot of owners that opt for cat declawing to eliminate cat destructive scratching. If you are considering declawing, you are probably wondering about the cost to declaw a cat. The costs may vary according to the declawing method used, your geographical location and the vet clinic you opt for.

Average Costs to Declaw a Cat

Declawing can be performed employing 3 methods, all of these being performed at a vet clinic and requiring a few days of hospitalization.

The first method is known as the Rescoe clipper and is the easiest procedure available. The average costs of such a procedure are around $100. This procedure is performed using a sterilized clipper which will chop off the toes and the tips of the bones of the toes. The vet will then stitch the incision. This procedure is the cheapest and the fastest available; however, it may involve risks such as infection or the claw can grow back in some cases.

The second method is called the disarticulation procedure and is a more complicated surgery that may cost about $250 on average. This method will consist of the removal of the bones from which the claws grow. This procedure is more difficult but there is no chance of the claws growing back.

The third method used to declaw a cat is by employing laser beams; the prices for this method may be between $200 and $450. The laser procedure will eliminate the bones from which the claws grow. This procedure involves less bleeding and is less painful.

Consequently the costs may range from $100 to $450.

The costs may also depend on the veterinary clinic you choose; you must also know that there are certain areas that practice higher prices for vet procedures.

Additional Costs to Cat Declawing

The declawing procedure costs include the anesthesia, a few days of hospitalization (typically 2 to 3), pain killers, antibiotics and a follow up visit.

If the cat needs preliminary blood tests, these will be charged on top of the cost of the surgery ($30 to $50).

Some vets may also recommend a patch that releases pain medication, which should be worn a few days after the surgery. The costs of this patch may be up to $50.

Finding a Vet Who Can Declaw Cats

Finding a vet to declaw your cat may be difficult, as some vets refuse to perform the procedure, being a controversial procedure. Talk to your vet or ask him to recommend a professional that performs this procedure.

Visit the facilities and ask questions about the vet’s experience in declawing to make sure that your cat is in good hands.

Declawing a cat can be practical, as it will stop the cat from scratching; however, the procedure is very painful and is not considered humane, as it will amputate not only the claws but also a part of a joint of the cat and will incapacitate him from being able to defend. Consider all these and decide if you want to declaw your cat.