What Is a Good Cat Neutering Age?

Cat neutering could be a solution to control the growing number of cats that never find a home. The term refers to the removal of ovaries or testicles of the cat, which will prevent it from reproducing. If you would like to neuter your cat, you have to find the best time to do so.

What Is a Good Cat Neutering Age?

Many cat owners that are thinking about neutering their pet ask this question. The ideal time to perform the neutering procedure is at the age of 6 to 8 months, which coincides with the time the cat becomes mature. The vet should establish if the kitten is mature and get the procedure done when the time is right. In female cats, the best indicator for maturity is the heat cycle. Female cats should be spayed after the first heat cycle. Some cat breeds will only become sexually mature at the age of 12 months.

However, not all owners get the neutering done at the indicated age. The neutering procedure may be performed at any age, but may be a more complex procedure, especially in female cats that have already had a few kittens.

Neutering Contraindications

The neutering procedure is not recommended under certain circumstances:

  • While the female cat is in heat; however, the procedure can still be performed, but it will be more complex and may have several additional complications.
  • During pregnancy the neutering is possible, but it may lead to abortion and other complications.
  • Before the kitten reaches sexual maturity, as the surgery may affect the development of the kitten. However, some vets may perform the procedure in kittens that are not mature, but the procedure is not allowed before the kitten is 6 weeks old.
  • If the cat is old and has a heart condition, as the surgery can be risky.

The Neutering Procedure

The neutering term may refer to the sterilization of both male and female cats. Spaying is the specific term used only when referring to the neutering of female cats. During the neutering procedure, the sexual organs are removed:

  • The ovaries and in some cases the uterus as well in female cats; the procedure is also called ovariohystectomy
  • The testicles are removed in the case of male cats, and this procedure is known as an orchectomy

If performed at an early age, the neutering is a simple procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes and can be performed as an outpatient surgery. Anesthesia will be needed. Laser surgery can also be performed and is faster and has fewer complications (i.e., less bleeding during the surgery).

The neutering procedure is beneficial, because it can solve certain behavioral problems such as spraying or excessive meowing, and it can also prevent the cat from fertilizing a female cat or becoming pregnant. The number of cats that don't find homes is on the rise. In addition, the neutering can also reduce the chances of reproductive system cancer in felines.