What Is the Best Dog Bark Collar?

Dog bark collars are a good solution for those dog owners who deal with noisy dogs. Barking is a normal behavior in dogs. However, sometimes a dog will bark excessively and this may irritate the neighbors or even the owner. Excessive barking may be caused by boredom or loneliness. Often, the owner tends to respond by giving the dog treats or giving more attention to the dog, thus reinforcing an unwanted behavior.  However, there are also other means of correcting this unwanted behavior. The best bark collar is the one that will work on the dog that is being trained.

How to Prevent Dog Barking

Excessive barking can be stopped with training. This requires a lot of time and effort from the owner or paying for a professional dog trainer.

Also, barking can be stopped with surgery. There is a surgical procedure that consists of the removal of the tissue at the side of the larynx. This tissue vibrates and causes the noise the dog makes when barking. However, few veterinarians will recommend this procedure.

Dog bark collars are a convenient way to solve the barking problem. The bark collars act as training devices, associating the barking with a signal that the dog dislikes. In time, the dog will stop barking.

Types of Dog Bark Collars

Bark collars come in different types: hand controlled or automatic with rechargeable batteries. All collars work on the same principle: when the dog barks, they detect the vibration of the vocal cords, and the dog receives a corrective stimulus.

The most popular types of dog bark collars include:

  • Citronella spray collars emit citronella spray every time the dog barks. This is a safe device for the dog. Citronella is not toxic, but many dogs don’t like the smell. Also, the hiss that the collar makes when spraying startles the dog. In a short time, the dog will associate the unpleasant smell and sound with the barking and he will stop.
  • Tone correction units emit a loud sound which distracts the dog when he starts barking. There are manual models and automatic models. The automatic models have the advantage that they will work when the owner is away. These models are perfect for the dogs that bark when left alone in the house. With the manual models, the owner can participate in the training.
  • Stimulation collars (shock collars) emit an electric stimulus in response to the dog's barking. Stimulation collars permit the owner to choose the level of the signal, so it can be set to the lowest level that will stop the barking in the dog. There are some models that first give a warning stimulus and increase power only if the dog goes on barking. These collars are considered inhumane by some vets or dog owners; however, the power is not strong enough to hurt the dog.

The Best Dog Bark Collar

The best dog bark collar is the one you will adopt for your dog and gives results without hurting him. All of the above mentioned collars may be effective in your pet, so you need to choose one and see if your dog responds well to the collar.