What to Look for in Cat Kennels

Cat kennels can be used when you are away for a long time and you can't take your pet along. When choosing a cat kennel you should make sure that the facility is clean and accredited, having a professional and caring staff.

Health and Safety Requirements

When looking for a cat kennel you need to ensure that it meets health, safety and hygiene requirements. Check whether:

  • The place is clean.
  • The place has an outdoor area for exercise.
  • The units have plenty of space for the cat to move around.
  • There are isolation rooms for cats that may be ill, so that possible infectious diseases are not spread. However, you should also make sure that the facility accepts only vaccinated felines.
  • If they accept felines that have external parasites, these are placed in an isolated room.
  • The facilities are ventilated and have light or have a cooling and heating system that can be adjusted.
  • There are clean dishes.
  • Fresh drinking water is available.
  • The area is secured, so that the pets cannot escape.

Cleanliness Indicators

A clean kennel is important and you should check whether:

  • The place is tidy and cleaned on a regular basis. Check whether the facility has a cleaning and disinfecting schedule.
  • The units don't have mold.
  • The concrete doesn't have algae stains.
  • There are no bad smells. If the place smells like disinfectant, this may be used to mask other bad smells or to make up for the lack of adequate cleaning.
  • The food and water bowls are clean.
  • The litter boxes are clean.

Trustworthy Staff

The staff should be experienced and caring. It is important to talk to the staff and see if they can be trusted. Experienced kennel staff will typically ask a lot of questions about your pet (i.e., vaccinations, medical history, allergies, typical diet and personality). You can see if the staff has a positive attitude towards pets by talking to them. You may also look at the other cats and see how they behave. If the staff is caring, the cats are most likely calm and comfortable. If the cats look anxious, stressed or lethargic, this may be an indicator that the place and/or the staff are not pleasant.

Ask Questions

You should ask a few questions regarding:

  • The feeding schedule.
  • Whether you can bring your cat's food, if your cat is on a diet or has a special food.
  • Whether the kennel provides bedding and toys.
  • What do they do if a cat is ill.
  • Can the staff recognize early signs of illness.
  • Whether they groom the cats.
  • How much time the staff spends with the cats.
  • Whether the facilities have a certificate or license that certifies they meet the legal standards.

It is important to visit several cat kennels, so that you can choose one that is suitable. Your vet may recommend you a good boarding kennel.