What to Look for in Dog Bedding for Kennels

Dog bedding is a crucial part of any kennel or crate setup for a pet. Many people also like to purchase dog bedding so that their pets can have a nice and appropriate place to lay down and sleep around the house. Rather than have your dog confined to sleeping on the floor, or tempted to jump up on furniture and sleep there, it's a good idea to purchase a set of dog bedding for him to use instead. However, it's important that you choose the proper dog bedding for a kennel, because this can have an impact on your pet's comfort level, his behavior and even his long term health.

Material Quality

There are three main types of memory foam, which is the most common material used for dog bedding. The lowest level is grade 3. While this is somewhat comfortable, it will not provide the same quality of comfort and health benefits of the higher levels. Grade 4 is commonly used for humans and will provide a good set of benefits for your dog, but it won't last as long as grade 5, which is the best. However, grade 5 is the most expensive of the different types of foam.

For the best quality of bedding for your dog and his kennel, it's best to choose a type of memory foam that will be sturdy and supportive and which will last for a long time without wearing down.


It's important that the material that you purchase for your pet's bedding and kennel will be waterproof and moisture resistant. Dogs often come in to lay down on their bedding after being outside in the rain. It's possible that your dog will have water in his mouth or on his face as he lays down, and the bedding can become wet. Waterproof and moisture resistant bedding will be better able to resist the growth of mold and other potentially harmful bacteria. It will also retain its appearance and smell better than non-moisture resistant or waterproof bedding will.


It's crucial that the bedding that you buy for your dog be washable. You'll want to regularly remove the covering of the bedding to wash it and keep it clean. This not only keeps the smell of the bedding from becoming a frustrating nuisance for you and your family, but it also works to keep the bedding itself hygienic and clean, which in turn can help your pet to be less likely to get sick from laying on it regularly.

Choose a bedding material that your dog likes the feeling of and that he finds comfortable. Allow him to try out various types of dog bedding material before you purchase one for your kennel at home. This will help to ensure that he'll use his bedding regularly and that you'll get the most out of your investment.