What to Look for in Dog Grooming Products

The dog grooming products are necessary supplies. While the types of products may differ according to the breed of dog and the type of hair or his age, there are a few features that should be common to all dog grooming products.

Grooming Products for Your Dog

The grooming products your dog needs should include:

  • A brush
  • A comb to remove matted fur
  • Shampoo for baths
  • A sponge, for the daily removal of impurities on the skin
  • A safe hair clippers that can come in handy when removing matted fur or if the dog needs hair clipping

These supplies vary in size and hardness/ softness depending on various factors including the dog’s breed, the type of coat and the length of the hair. In order to find the right types of grooming supplies for your pet you can talk to your vet, a shop assistant or simply test a few supplies. You will have to look for supplies that have the following features:

  • Are safe for your dog
  • Don’t cause irritation
  • Are efficient in keeping your dog’s coat healthy

Safety for Your Dog

The most important thing to remember when getting grooming supplies for your dog is his safety. The brush or the comb that you are getting for everyday use should be soft enough so that it won’t injure the dog’s skin. It is also important that the products offer a gentle massage and won’t scratch the dog’s skin.

Not all grooming supplies are suitable for your dog.

Non Irritant Products

Certain shampoos or even other grooming supplies (i.e. brushes made of synthetic or animal hair) may irritate the skin of your dog.

It is difficult to establish if certain ingredients or certain brushes will irritate your dog’s skin prior to buying them, so you will need to test these supplies.

Watch out for certain symptoms such as:

  • Itchy skin
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Redness on the skin
  • Swelling of the skin

These symptoms indicate an allergic reaction, but the allergic reaction may not be necessarily due to the shampoo or the brush. The allergies may also be to various environmental factors, so testing will be needed. However, if you correlate the introduction of the new products with the symptoms, the grooming products are most likely the culprit allergen.

Efficiency of Grooming Products

The grooming products you use should be efficient. They should be able to offer a gentle massage and brush the dog’s coat, so that the essential skin oils are spread over the hair as well.

It is also important that your grooming products clean the dog’s coat and are able to disentangle matted fur.

If you are grooming your dog on a regular basis, but his hair lacks the normal shine, this may mean that the products you are using are not efficient. However, the same symptom may point to a medical problem such as a skin infection, allergies or hormonal imbalance.